If you’ve just landed in the beguiling country of Croatia and are set upon conquering the winsome island of Brac but have no clue where to start, then you’ve come to the right place as up next is the Brac island travel guide.

First things first; how do you get there?

It’s highly likely that you’ll arrive at the airport in Split and the conundrum would be how to get to Brac from there. Well, you could simply take a ferry at the ferry station in Split which will take you to Bol, Milna or Supetar- highly recommend the first destination- on Brac in under an hour. The ferry station is 30 km from the airport and you can take a bus or a taxi that’ll take you to it. A ticket to the island from the ferry station will set you back around 55 kuna per person.

Where to stay

Whether you’re looking for subtle accommodation or extravagant residence, you are bound to find either in Bol. It is home to some of the best accommodation housing the island has to offer and the prices to pay will depend on the type of accommodation, season and location. If you seek a quieter and more humble setting, Milna would be a good pick.

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In Bol, a 3-star hotel encompassing a double room and breakfast package will cost you about 150 euro during the peak periods of July and August and about half that amount during the offseason which is halfway through September. On the other hand, you’ll have to fork up 90 and 50 euro for high and shoulder seasons respectively for a 1-bedroom apartment with a capacity of four.

Food expenses

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Seafood is an excellent choice with lamb also resonating with many native restaurants. For a light lunch item e.g. a piece of scampi, about 8 euro should cover the cost. 120 kuna per head is the bill for an Adriatic squid while fresh fish sells for no less than 340 kuna per kilo with lamb going for 220 kuna for the same amount.

Where to visit

Perhaps arguably the most important part of this guide is knowing where to go and here are a few exemplary suggestions:

1) The beautiful Zlatni Rat


This beach is extremely gorgeous and it is just one of the many endearing pebble beaches that are traced along the south side border of Brac. The weather is perfect and the waters enchanting and busy with fun-filled water sports to take part in.

2) The Olive Oil Museum

If you’re interested in how 17th-century oil making was done, the Skrip Olive Oil Museum should tickle your fancy. You can view all the ancient equipment there as well as learn about how important olive oil is to the natives.

3) Skrip

Aside from hosting the aforementioned museum, Skrip is a 300-year-old town that harbors the first castle built upon the island and it is where the maiden civilization first set up camp. The castle offers spectacular overhead views of the island.

4) Stina winery

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Brac is a place that is on the map not only for its pleasing landscape but also for the rich wine heritage it holds. You can indulge in some exotic flavors at the winery as well as learn more about this endearing timeless drink.

Other places to visit that are sure to be worth your while include Bol town itself, the lovely promenade sandwiched between Zlatni Rat beach and Bol, the alluring town of Supetar and the ingenious stonemason school in Pucisca among many other attractions. Apart from visiting places of interest you can do a lot of interesting things in Brac, ofcourse water sports are one of the things you can do, or you can rent a yacht and sail around Brac and nearby islands (Hvar, Vis…).

Parting shot

If you truly want to experience Brac in all its glory, then it’s important that you rent a car. The road network in the island is commendably good and it’ll be convenient to get from place to place if you have your means of transport. Alternatively, you could opt to traverse the island via the bus transport system that features comprehensive routes throughout the land.