When I first became acquainted with the idea of infrared heaters, I was as reluctant as the next person, and with obvious reasons. Who would have thought that a small little device would produce enough “juice” to heat a room to a desired temperature, both cost efficient and fast, without being dangerous for children or pets, and all this without costing a fortune to buy in the first place. But as I became more familiar with the topic, I saw that my preconceptions were extremely off bat.

How do Infrared Heaters Work?

Without getting into much detail, explaining how an infrared heater is required “know-how” for anyone considering buying one for his home. They actually work by directly heating whatever is in their way, by shining infrared light (section of the light spectrum invisible to the human eye, containing no harmful UV rays) on objects or people. Thus, they have little or nothing to do with heating the air in a room and everything to do with direct heating, and it is exactly because of this that you feel their effect instantly after turning the device on.

Should You Install Infrared Heaters in Your Home?

To those who have had little to do with them, infrared heaters can come across as cutting edge products that are not within budget, but they are, in fact, extremely efficient heating solutions that can save you big bucks you normally would spend on heating.  They create a comfortable environment in a minuscule time frame from being turned on by using heating energy that does not influence the general conditions of the room (they do no dry out the air for instance).

Types of Infrared Heaters

Recent infrared heaters provide unique new features that make them extremely attractive: there are models that range in size and heating capabilities. Compact models can heat up to 1000 square meters with clean heat that efficiently fills the room in no time. Smaller models come equipped with quartz bulbs rather than PTC heating elements, but they are no less effective. They can be easily placed on desks or tabletops and can be bought at prices as low as 98$. (for more information you can visit www.infraredheatstore.com)

Elite infrared heaters can be more robust, but come equipped with air filters if so desired, and are more powerful than their compact siblings. Many models also come with elegant, quality wooden cabinet designs that make them perfect to place in any room. They can heat 1500 square feet and in seasons where they would otherwise just gather dust, you can use them as an excellent air purifier, with electrostatic, UV light and Pre-filters so that your air is as clean as it gets. Such heaters also include optional features such as fans, LCD display panels, automatic on and off timers and thermostats that are only meant to improve the experience and to make your life that much easier and that much warmer.

Safety features are also included with such models, that offer safe-to-touch outlets, overheat protection, tip-over protection, safety switches and child lock mode so that neither your children or your sweet pets can get burned by touching the surface of the heater, turn it on or off or tip it over- great overall deal if you ask me!