A great medicinal herb origin of East Asia is packed with tons and tons of nutrients. This with great antioxidant properties would increase the longevity in humans. Because of its rich antioxidant contents, this helps in anti-ageing and helps to maintain a luxurious skin. This berry is a five taste fruit and it has access to all the five elements. With all the five tastes of sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty this fruit smells excellent. This also has a characteristic of making people to constantly have it because of its good aroma. This fruit extract is now available in many countries even though this is traditional Chinese vegetation. This fruit could be used fresh and even the dried ones won’t lose their benefits. Lucidera Schizandera is handpicked berries from the farms and they are organic. They are made into fine powder for easy storage and longer shelf life by sticking on to all the food regulations.

Benefits of Berry Extract on Skin and Hair

With great antioxidant properties, this extract takes care of the nutrition of the skin and rejuvenates the skin and hair cells. With Vitamin C and Vitamin E this extract nourishes the skin and hair and helps to keep the skin young. With regular intake of this extract one could maintain their youthfulness.

Sexual Health

This extract had been given for those people who were aged to increase their sexual health. This extract improves and tones the sexual organs and improves the functions of the sexual organs. This could also deal with the erectile dysfunction in men. This promotes secretion of sexual fluids and thus maintains a good sexual health who consumes this very much regularly in proper dosages.

Increase The Longevity With Schizandra

Circulatory System, Liver and Kidney

Schizandra works on the circulatory system of the body and improves blood circulation. This helps in detoxification and helps in reducing the burden of the liver. With odd sleeping pattern and eating habits people tend to toxify their blood with more number of toxins. With more toxins in the blood the liver gets overburdened. Because of over burdening, the liver starts to dysfunction. The cells of the liver now get degenerates. With more antioxidant properties, the berry extract helps in regenerating and rejuvenating the cells of the liver. This helps to detoxify very quickly and helps to regain the good health.

This extract being adaptogenic this increases the stamina of a person. This helps to improve the energy levels in a person. When consumed regularly this helps to curb fatigue. This helps the memory functioning and also the mental and emotional functions. This helps the person to think coherently and helps in co-ordination. This helps to soothe anxiety, depression and nervousness. Since, this extract directly acts on the central nervous system this revokes the brain and helps to keep one -self alert. This improves the mental and emotional health of a person. With all these numerous health benefits this small berry could be consumed without any hesitation or fear of side effects. This should be consumed in proper dosages to get the maximum benefit out from this berry extract. It is evident from experiences that by using this for one hundred days regularly people find a great difference internally and also externally. By cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating properties this extract cleanses the whole digestive system, circulatory system and even excretory system. This shows so much improvement in the overall health of a person who consumed it regularly. This proves to be a great medicine for those who suffer from fatigue and laziness. This improves the stamina and helps to be active throughout the day and helps to perform all the duties without any issues or sagginess.