I dared to voice my opinion online, and Internet Trolls descended on me

Stop the presses, a woman had the audacity to express her opinion on the Internet. What started out as a fine Tuesday evening quickly evolved into hours of emotional torment and abuse for me, yesterday, after an article I had written for this website brought in an army of trolls unlike any I have ever witnessed. In my article, I suggested that perhaps it was time to let go of certain taboos about gay sexual intercourse. The article argued, within reason, that men who have gay friends should let go of their prejudices and help their friends achieve sexual desire. The article had been published several days ago, but didn’t cause too much stir until certain anti-feminist Facebook pages and Twitter accounts begun sharing the article in disagreement and with mockery.

That’s when it begun:

We began realizing an up-rise in traffic to the article, and with it came a whole lot of hate. I was told by some members of this hoard of trolls that my article was the “single most stupid thing I have ever read” and that it just “had to be satire”. Insults of “mental degeneracy” and “idiocy” flew everywhere. And how can we forget the ever so common “Libtard” insult? Someone even suggested that my motivation for writing the article was my lack of sexual partners and male attention, due to which I felt inclined to dictate how other people conduct their sexual lives. Oh, Thanks, random troll #4508. I didn’t realize that anti-bigotry was an intellectual position exclusive to virgins.

I cannot even post most of the messages here, because the vast majority of them contain very foul and bigoted language. Words cannot describe what hell the past few hours have been for me. We had to shut down the website’s commenting feature but were unable to shut down the Facebook comment feature. Go read any of the Facebook comments on that article to see what I am talking about.

This is what woman have to endure every single day on the Internet.


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