Becoming a male stripper is liberating, and here’s why that will help women everywhere!


Men in the Western world often promulgate the themes of exceptional masculinity and chivalry, such as insisting they pay for the check after a meal (gross) and selecting careers that they deem are built upon a sense of ‘virtue’ and ‘justice’. An example of one such career would be serving in the armed forces, demonstrating the continued perpetuation of capitalist ideals in the face of helpless and culturally oppressed nations.

However, there is one career that men fail to acknowledge as one of supreme masculinity and power, in fact, most would probably agree that it is, in fact, regressive or feminine in nature. I am talking of course of being a male stripper. That’s right, one of the most liberating jobs a woman can have that will truly smash the patriarchy is to become a male stripper.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Amanda, I’m a woman, I cannot be a MALE exotic dancer!” Quite the contrary my dearest sugar qween! As we all know, the culturally accepted idea of gender is a sham (I know, gross) and in fact, identifying as a male will ensure that you benefit immensely! Allow me to elaborate:

Firstly, women in Western societies only earn seventy-seven cents to every dollar a man makes. Therefore, by identifying as a male, those who are paying you to dance and shake your money maker are FORCED to pay you the salary due to a man, meaning that all you need to do is check that silly box asking what your “gender” is on the application and *poof* you just earned yourself a twenty-three percent pay increase! Plus, what better way to call attention to the wage gap than to profit from it?! Taking money from a silly man’s pocket and placing it directly into yours!

Secondly, since we know that gender is a beautiful and glorious spectrum, women can also use their new-found roles as male strippers to reclaim and rebrand the patriarchy’s idea of what attractive is. By utilizing our voluptuous and feminine bodies as vehicles of combat we can create a new power dynamic that will force cis men and cis women to reconsider and redefine the culturally accepted standards of beauty, furthering the acceptances of many movements that have yet to gain the national attention and recognition they deserve, such as the fat acceptance movement.

Finally, in women electing to have careers as male strippers they are, in essence, infiltrating a field that has been dominated by men, often times barring or straight up banning women from joining their ranks. I am not speaking to strip clubs, where the majority of dancers are women, but rather I am speaking of the types of events male strippers are called to engage in over their female contemporaries, specifically, bachelorette parties. By being able to permeate the male stripper ranks for these types of events, we can claim stake to an aspect of income only privy to men. Any patron that objects to this, of course, is simply transphobic or downright intolerant.

In short, becoming a male stripper is one of the last bastions of untapped potential that we women can capitalize on in an effort to turn the tide of the ever present and domineering patriarchy.


Hi! My name is Amanda and I was raised in a small suburb just outside of Portland Oregon. I was inspired by the progressive movement and cultural revolution currently being carried forward by younger generations and I have decided to make my voice heard! feel free to shoot me an email, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!