Self storage or extra storage space is a necessity for most of the people today. You can store your personal belongings, business equipment, vehicles etc in a self storage space and are 100% of the safety and security. Companies providing self storage spaces are now in great demand.

Placentia self storage services are not the same every time. The size and location of the storage space determines the type of storage facility it can provide. There are 4 major types of self storage facilities:-

  • Indoor Storage –

Indoor self storage facility is just like renting a room. Instead of people renting the space for residence, it is used for storing personal belongings and other business properties. These storage facilities are the most preferred by people because it gives maximum advantage to the users in terms of accessibility, security and safety from climate change.

  • Drive – up Storage –

Drive – up storage are more like enclosed garages which open and closes with the help of a roll up door. They are most commonly located on the ground floor of a building, so that it is convenient to drive up a vehicle. Customers also have an option to climate-control the unit for convenience.

  • Storage Pods –

Storage pods are usually big in size. These storage pods are filled by the customers first and then it is picked up by the storage facility and is placed in a safe warehouse with other similar storage pods. Customer can retrieve the storage pod whenever they want, all they have to do is inform the storage provider.

  • Outdoor Storage –

Outdoor storage facilities are used by people who are looking for an extremely large storage space. Things which are not suitable to be stored anywhere else because of their size, weight and other qualities are stored in an outdoor storage.

It is very important to find a good self storage service. Here are some tips which can be helpful for you:-

  • Look for their Offer –

The best way to understand the difference between a good and a bad self storage service is to look for their offer. The good self storage service company can be spotted from the outside itself by their security measures.

  • Lighting –

Self storage facilities like drive-up storage should have proper lighting options. It is very important during the night time to have proper lighting options.

  • Climate Controlled Units –

If you are storing things which are climate sensitive then you must look for climate controlled units. This may not be common with every type of storage facility but you can specifically ask for it for your convenience.

  • Insect General Control –

Every good self storage service companies will have a regular system of insect general control. It is done on a regular or periodic basis just to be sure that no unwanted insects affect your properties or belongings.

Self storage is your safe place. Make sure, you choose it according to your necessity and specifications of your belongings or property.