Summer is fast approaching and if you have plans to go on a picnic, it’s important that you get ready for the activity as soon as you can. One way you can get ready for this is to be prepared with the things you’ll need– a picnic basket, utensils, plates and of course, the food. But did you know there’s something else you should be prepared against? Ants, mosquitoes, spiders or any other insect that could join in your picnic and eventually ruin it.

So how can you prepare for a picnic that won’t be ruined by these pests? Here are 10 tips you can follow to control pests at home:

Tip #1: Don’t let them enter your home easily

One of the best ways you can keep pests from getting out of hand is to block their entry into your home. This is the first line of defense you should actually do to help you prevent pests from entering your property. The best way you can do this is to make sure your screens don’t have any holes. If you find any, repair them right away. Don’t forget to check for gaps in your windows and doors. If needed, replace your window strips.

Tip #2: Keep your kitchen clean regularly

As a rule, never leave food on your counter or floor. Even if you’ll be attending back to it in a few hours, you’ll be surprised that ants and other insects would beat you to it. Always see to it that you wipe your kitchen counters, put food away immediately, and sweep your floors regularly. Don’t allow garbage to sit overnight, especially if there are food particles inside it.

Tip #3: Discard any standing water

You should make sure to get rid of any standing water so that it does not turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. See to it that you check rain spouts and for any leaks from your air conditioning unit.

Tip #4: Store firewood appropriately

If you have firewood, remember to keep it away from your home or shed. This way, you don’t allow termites to enter your home. The minimum distance you should follow is five feet. But if it’s possible, you can store it in an area that’s far away from your home.

Tip #5: Maintain your landscaping

Remember to maintain your yard’s landscaping. This way, you can get rid of any nests that pests may already have started to grow in your home. You should weed out unwanted grass and rake away the debris. If there are any trees and bushes that are near your home, remember to trim them so they are manageable.

Tip #6: Check outdoor furniture

See to it that you regularly inspect the corners and chains of your swing sets. You should also look at your outdoor furniture for any egg sacks or spider webs. If you find any, make sure to remove them.

Tip #7: Keep outside toys where they belong

If you have toys outside your home, make sure that your kids leave them where they got them. At the same time, they should not bring out their toys from inside their rooms. If it cannot be avoided, make sure to thoroughly wipe it before bringing it in again. This also applies with furniture.

Tip #8: Don’t throw away meat too soon

Try to figure out the time and day when your garbage collector comes to pick up your trash. Once you have this information, you should avoid throwing away meat scraps in your garbage outside until it’s time to pick up the trash. This is because the summer sun and the smell of the rotting meat could draw in unwanted pests to your yard.

Tip #9: Consume fruits and vegetables

A common household pest problem is dealing with fruit flies. These pests usually frequent your kitchen counter, especially if you have ripe fruits and vegetables lying around. The best way you can avoid dealing with these pests is to consume your fruits and vegetables as soon as they have ripened.

Tip #10: Hire a pest control service

When all else fails and it’s really difficult to get rid of the pests in your home, it’s best that you hire a pest control service to properly take care of the problem. These professionals will help you by spraying a formula in your home that will drive away the pests.

By having a pest-free home, you can be confident that your summer picnic won’t be destroyed. Not to mention, you’ll be happy with a clean home.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.