Other than airplanes and buses, we may also take a train to reach our destinations. Train travel can be quite exciting and its near uninterrupted pace can help us to reach our destination faster than with car or bus. There are different levels of comfort that we can get when we are traveling by train and it depends on the amount of money that we spend. Train is also less restrictive than bus or airplanes. We will be able to walk about. When choosing our seat, it is important that we will have enough leg room. The type of seat could vary depending on the country and the class of the train cabin. In some trains, we may get facilities similar to airplanes, including in-train entertainment system and Wi-Fi. It can be quite easy to persuade the whole family to take the train trip. This is especially true if the train cabin is comfortable for long trips. Train stations have more relaxed security measures than airports and we can easily go inside train without too much trouble. Train stations are usually located at the middle of the city and it can be reached very easily.

Even if the station is located outside the city, we could still use public transportation to move easily. When using airlines, luggage is often a big issue and we need to consider the number of luggage and their overall weight. It’s true that cabin space can be limited, but often there’s no limit on how much we can carry. Even so, we should still use common sense and avoid causing trouble with other passengers. When taking train, we should make sure that our bag isn’t excessively big, but it can be heavier than usual. Train travel is usually much more affordable and we should be able to save a lot of money. We should be able to tailor our trip depending on our needs. Train fare is more stable and it doesn’t change during weekend or holiday season. However, there could be annual or bi-annual changes in fare, so we may purchase ticket weeks in advance to avoid paying an extra amount of money. Food and snack are usually at their normal price near or in train station, so we are able to pack up. Because train doesn’t need to lift itself and it can carry many people, train has lower carbon footprint and usually more efficient than airplanes.

When traveling by air, we will see endless plumes of cloud or vast expanse of water. When traveling by car or bus, we often pass through well-developed areas. On the other hand, rail tracks could go through quiet valleys, plantations, hills and other places with little or no human settlement. Train windows are like TV screen where we can see many wonderful things. As we get closer to towns and cities, we could still see local inhabitants with their daily lives. Some trains can reach up to 300 km per hour and we are able to reach our destination relatively quickly. In fact, some special trains are considered as part of fast transportation that may rival short air hops with planes.