Sure, your yearly health resolutions have covered all options to fend off critical health issues. But, did you consider to take precaution against high blood pressure? Blood pressure above 140/90 and 150/90 for people under and over 60 years of age respectively is considered to be high blood pressure. And, according to medical professionals, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, kidney problem, strokes and other lethal conditions. Treatment options offered in any city involve healthy diet, exercising, medication, and avoiding tobacco. This means, even if you are on a vacation in say, Florida, you can count upon the wellness centers in Tampa and other places to be treated for hypertension, if the need arises.

Changing lifestyle, exercising, and proper medication have already reduced hypertension-induced heart failures by up to 50 percent and stroke problems by 35 to 40 percent. Here are a couple of avenues of hypertension treatment that you can explore to avoid complications in future.

How To Deal With Hypertension

Maintain Blood Pressure and Turn Your Life Around With Simple Steps

Following a healthy lifestyle pattern can help you fight off or slow down the effects of hypertension. There are many ways to keep your life on track and your blood pressure in control. Here are a few of these options:

Shed Excess Weight– Excess weight can be a reason behind your increasing blood pressure. A bit of exercise can help you get rid of the extra pounds and maintain your blood pressure. Start with something simple and make it a part of your routine. Making such simple yet positive changes in life can help you keep hypertension at bay.

Reduce Your Sodium Intake– Your salt intake could be another silent killer creeping up on your back and damaging your health. Experts suggest keeping your sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams per day. Regular Exercising- Exercising is a great way to reduce blood pressure. Even if you are at the early stages of hypertension, exercise can stop aggravating the problem. Regular physical activity, for as little as 30 minutes a day, can reduce four to nine millimeters of mercury levels the next time you check your blood pressure.

Reduce Alcohol Intake– You can keep drinking your favorite brand of alcohol while treating hypertension, as long as you restrict it to a certain limit. Too much alcohol can raise blood pressure and hinder the positive effects of hypertension medications (if you are taking any). One drink a day for women and two drinks for men can keep things balanced.

Quit Smoking– If you are suffering from hypertension, you need to quit smoking immediately. Nicotine can raise the blood pressure in your body, and keep it high, even after you are finished smoking.

Keep Stress in Check– Stress can raise your blood pressure and negate the positive benefits of exercise and healthy diet. So, you need to figure out the source of your stress and prepare ways to handle the problem. Knowing your stress triggers and cleverly avoiding them can be a great way for you to stay calm and maintain blood pressure.

While lifestyle changes are important while dealing with hypertension, you may also need medical interventions. What are your options? Read on.
Medical Assistance to Cure Hypertension

In many cases, drugs are considered to be the best measure for immediate protection against hypertension. Here are a few widely used medicines that have shown positive results in treating hypertension.

  •     Diuretics
  •     Renin inhibitors
  •     Alpha-agonists
  •     Beta-blockers
  •     Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)
  •     Calcium channel blockers
  •     Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
  •     Alpha-blockers

Each of these medicines has their own way of beating down hypertension. Not to mention the doses vary depending on the severity of the ailment. You must consult a physician to know the appropriate drug and dosage that you need.

Medication Guidelines

Even when you are on medicines, and have embraced positive lifestyle changes, there are a few other things that you can do to enhance their combined effect. Take a look at this list:

  •     Note down the scheduled time to take the medicine and do not make any change in the dosage or in the medicine taking frequency without consulting with your doctor.
  •     Keep a track of the names, dosage, and effects of the prescribed medicines. You can use a calendar to keep notes about your improvement. Share this information with the medical professional on your next visit.
  •     Make a habit of filing prescriptions regularly or semi-regularly. Waiting until you are completely out of medication can be problematic.
  •     Use small pill containers or boxes and store week worth medicine in them. Mark the containers to remember when to take the medicine.
  •     Taking herbal medication or over-the-counter drugs without consulting with your doctor can negate the effects of your primary medication. So, make it your business to consult with your doctor before taking such steps.
  •     If you are suffering from dizziness or irregular heart rate, consult with your medical treatment provider. Having a transparent conversion with your doctor about your improvement can help you fight off hypertension easily.
  •     Keep your drugs with you when traveling. Bringing copies of your prescription is a great idea to get refills if you need one, on the go.
  •     In case you missed a dose, do not try to double it the next time. Wait for the next scheduled time to take the dose and follow the per-designed pattern as prescribed.
  •     Before any type of surgery, you must disclose that you are currently being treated for hypertension. Give your surgeon complete information about your current medication regarding hypertension. Otherwise, your anesthesia could cause problems during surgery.

Following a guideline will help you maintain your health and get complete benefit of the medication prescribed to you. Hypertension is a serious health problem, and needs constant monitoring. Do not neglect it even when you are out of your hometown for work or vacation. If it’s a wellness center in Tampa that you find nearby, then do visit it if you need to. The point is, do not withhold treatment until you reach home. Proper care is important and so is prompt action.