How the next Doctor Who could be female, and what we should do to make it happen.

Since Peter Capaldi Announced he was leaving Doctor who in early 2017 people have been speculating on who will replace him, many people have been saying that the next Doctor will be female.

This has angered many of the sexist viewers of the show saying that it would be lore breaking and ruin the show. They are wrong and we will tell you why we will also tell you how we can show the BBC (the company who make the show) That the next Doctor should be female.


In the 6th episode of the fourth season, the Doctor is forced to place his hand in a machine and is then cloned, then a female clone of the doctor comes out.

Although the episode is called the ‘The Doctors Daughter’ she is, in fact, a clone of the doctor and later in the episode is seen to regenerate and come back alive as herself. This means there is a version of the doctor that is already a female, this means that the doctor is physically and Lore wise able of becoming female.

We have also seen in many episodes various female time lords so it is possible for the time lords themselves to be female.


So what can we do about this?

Firstly is keep sharing this article to your friends and family and to the BBC. To demand that the next doctor is female or at least that there is a spin-off dedicated to a strong and independent female time lord.

Secondly, you can contact the BBC Via and voice your feelings regarding a female doctor.


We can do this, we can get a female doctor.


Have you got any ideas of actors who could play the doctor? if so comment them bellow!




// Although it would be amazing to have a doctor who is part of the LGBT+ Community and or someone who isn’t white, many people are not accepting enough of them yet. A Female Doctor is a very good stepping stone to equality within films and TV.

We apologise for using the Fixed terms of male and female, however, we have to make it easy enough for sexists and homophobes to read, that’s if they can read at all.






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