The Direct Selling Association (DSA) reports that an estimated 16 million adults are making their living through direct selling via participation in a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. These individuals may be different in some ways, but every success MLM salesperson has learned to offer excellent customer service. In this article, find out how you can hone your own skills to improve your sales-related income and maybe even do it full time!

How Staying Customer-focused Can Take Your MLM From Hobby To Career

Leverage The Power Of Social Trust

Statistics today show that the average customer trusts their peer group far more than they trust endorsements from experts or paid advertising. This means you can gain potentially big ground in your MLM business by becoming a trustworthy hub in your social network. Your initial connection as a friend and peer remains even when you become an expert as well, so long as you remember and exercise that connection on all levels.

Expand Your Social Media Influence

Social media platforms are ideally suited to expand your MLM business because they leverage peer to peer relationships and build trust through social connections. Social media can backfire, however, if you use it solely to market your own business. Rather, aim for 80 percent of your social posts to be about promoting others, sharing daily information and showing up online as the trustworthy human being that you are. Then use the remaining 20 percent to subtly promote your brand and your products and services. This 80/20 rule can help you take a relationship-first approach to making sales while making it look effortless.

Don’t Rely On Your Existing Network For Success

One of the big challenges of a career in MLM sales is also one of its biggest opportunities – the chance to expand your social network. As such, how you view your existing network and how you treat them when you start your MLM business can make a critical difference.

Just as you wouldn’t appreciate high pressure sales tactics from a stranger, you would appreciate them even less from someone – a friend or family member – who seriously should know you better than that. So assume the same about your existing network and challenge yourself to expand beyond people you already know if you want to succeed.

Listen, Listen, Listen

MLM is nicknamed “network marketing” for a reason. It takes a team to succeed in the ultra-competitive MLM industry, where sometimes it can seem like there are more sellers than buyers. But here, your customers can also be your best allies. They can even become legitimate friends and, in time, business associates if you play your cards right.

So listen when they offer you feedback. Make sure to look into company reviews. By taking time to look into feedback, such as ACN reviews, you can really get an idea of how customers feel. Tap into their wisdom when you need ideas or have a problem to troubleshoot. Extend your trust to them and they will be more likely to reciprocate and refer others to you in the future.

Make Your Customers Feel On Top

It is essential that you are always putting your customers first and are making them feel on top of the world. People are always more interested in staying with businesses that seem generally interested in them and helping them. You will be amazed how much of a difference it can make.

By following these five tips to the letter and always remembering that your customers are the ones who put that green stuff in your wallet, you can consistently grow your MLM business from a hobby into a full-time career.