Ah, the sweet smell of success is wafting its good, beautiful wings around you. You set up your Instagram account with literally four followers, your mom, your dad, your kid brother, and your so very responsible, so-just-had-to-follow-you, big sister! And now look! Sometimes you even dare not look, your Instagram account has amassed around 10k followers.

You did not dare acknowledge your talent with iPhone photography skills and still photography passion to even your parents, but now more than ten thousand people daily check out your profile to watch your latest posts. Ever since you hit that 10k mark, the feeling of euphoria is never ending. You want to share more and more and more and never stop.

Before you start this post-bombing scheme, wait and contemplate, it wise to do so? It is very sensible of you to stop and take a second look at your approach.

How to not irritate your Instagram followers

It is a very real possibility that your followers would not like the too much posting scheme you have hatching in your head. And they may start to unfollow you. So, let’s go over a few ‘definitely do not’ of Instagram. These habits discourage your followers and may even lead them to unfollow you.

Too Much Postings

Unless it is your mom, no one wants to see a large array of your selfies or of the same wall from different angles, or even of a cute Lil’ one strolling and slipping on the ice. No. Just ONE good photograph far outweighs a slew of mediocre posts with the same subject. Refrain from overcrowding your Instagram follower feeds, they will most likely unfollow you just to get rid of you.

Food and Beverage Pics

Yes, we have all been there, but now roughly 98% of us are over it too. So unless you have cooked up the dish that is really Martha Stewart level good, or your dinner plate shows you the secret to a world mystery, and you just have to share this secret with your followers, please practice refrain.

We all know what a Bloody Mary looks like, there is no need for you to re-educate us about its color and contents. Thank you very much!

Practice Restraint when Posting Personal Posts

We all understand that new parents, and new car owners and new pet owners cannot just help but take hundreds of photos of their babies. But there is no need to share all these hundreds of photos with the rest of the world too. You might want to share the excitement with the world, but the world just might not reciprocate your enthusiasm.


A tasteful collage, once in a while, with visible images, adds a good verity. But too many collages is just taking it too far. Your followers will not waste time pouring over a post with a collage made of minuscule images. A clear image is much more welcome and appreciated.

Step up your Selfie Game

Although Selfies are here to stay, the Insta-world is so over the same old bathroom mirror and car selfies. Spice up your selfie game. Find innovative but safe ways to take selfies. No need to hurl yourself in front of a moving train to take a selfie, choosing clever POV is always more interesting.