We get a lot of questions at Pacific Rim College from people looking to get into a new, more rewarding line of work or from high school students looking for a career, and we welcome every one of them. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How long does it take to become a Doula?” Read on to learn more about how to receive your Doula certification and how long it will take to complete the process.

At Pacific Rim, we offer a Holistic Doula Certificate at both of our campuses in Vancouver and Victoria. Our Doula program is the most in-depth and our education standards are the best you will find in North America. The holistic approach blends Western medicine with ancient traditions, focusing on therapeutic approaches to give the new mother and her baby all the support possible.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Doula?

Within the program are classes on physiology, anatomy, midwifery, family support, herbal medicine and nutrition, homeopathy, tai chi, acupressure, yoga, Thai massage, training as a Doula, and business information.

You can start the program at the beginning of the semester, either in September or January (depending on the campus). You’ll be able to complete the program in about 13 ½ weeks, or 270 hours (20 hours a week). The course work is followed by a practical mentoring program. A passing score is credited when you complete 90% of the necessary credits and do not miss more than half of one course. When you finish the entire Doula certificate program, you will be ready to help with prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care anywhere in North America.

Getting into the program is competitive, with only 18 students being admitted into the program each term at each of the campuses. To apply, you need to have a high school diploma at a minimum. Candidates will be evaluated for academic ability, health experience, community service, and select other factors to ensure that everyone in the program will be the best. Current Doulas may be able to enter the program and receive credit for some past experience.

When you successfully complete the program, you can either start your own business with your diploma or become part of a holistic health clinic. Past graduates have said that obtaining their doula certificate was one of the best things they have ever done.

We hope we have answered the question of how long does it take to become a Doula for you. If you wish to apply online on our website. If you have any further questions about the program, we would love to answer them for you. Please feel free to visit Pacific Rim College.