VoIP optimization is a technology that has been innovative and very effective for many companies. It has enabled to reduce the bandwidth consumption while also maintaining the voice quality. This technology is an important idea for many VoIP providers, helping in decreasing the higher cost. Moreover, it helps in maximizing profit for the companies as it can help you save a lot of money. The VoIP optimization technology helps in compressing and sending all the voice data on a single tunnel. It not only reduces the bandwidth up to 85 percent, but also increases the call capacity as well. In the past few years, many IT companies have come up with a broader series of VoIP performance optimization services and providing the companies with quality voice and video business communication solutions. These help the companies to use various methods in making the communications over the quality of video and audio a lot better. They even have the Bangladesh Non CLI as the method to maximize it where it is restricted.

Many bog companies are now using VoIP optimization technology for running the business and its growth. This software has made the system to run efficiently and use the required resources to cut down on many costs. One of the most beneficial things while dealing with VoIP optimization is that clarity in the voice quality of both audio and video sound that is transmitted over the Internet. There are measures that you can take in order to secure the risk against the hindrances in voice degradation by eliminating the risks of Denial of Service (DoS) & Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. To add to this, the performance of the VoIP optimization is great for the future growth capabilities including unlimited call system, traffic acceleration among others.

The quality of Non CLI route is the most basic things that help in increasing the traffic. For many mobile dialer end users, this is one important fact as they wish to talk to the clients in a good voice quality. These things can be considered even for destinations like Bangladesh, India and so on for Non CLI route. Companies also prefer it as they help in establishing trust of the people on the other side. Some features of Bangladesh Non CLI are –

  1. Carry both TDM and IP network.
  2. Interconnected with the regional and major partner all across the world that provides wide network coverage.
  3. Provide uncompressed voice termination for some of the TDM destination.
  4. TDM are integrated which support, C7 signaling with TDM-based and SIP / H323 with IP-based voice transport.
  5. Provide measuring and reliable infrastructures, which provide unlimited no of voice.
  6. Have direct inter-connects with various licensed LDI Carriers providers in the world.
  7. Supported by G.711 and G.729 codec.
  8. Open CLI premium quality wholesale routes for many destinations and virtually un-limited capacity.
  9. Have A to Z call termination of both IP and TDM carrier.
  10. Provide best Quality CLI and Bangladesh Non CLI route, E1’s capacity and all the time (24/7) NOC support.