Perhaps it may come as a huge shock that thousands of blogs thrive off of their personal and contributed content, yet some freelancers may not understand the mystery that surrounds how these blogs can survive with incremental costs of upkeep and personal time invested.

Here we’ll break down the very keen ways that freelance bloggers worldwide can feed their families – and in some cases, purchase a Mercedes Benz simply by blogging.

Freelancers Can Tap Into Blog Feeds

Ultimately, a blog feed’s primary purpose is to distribute every new post you add to your blog to a list of subscribers; you make your blog posts available to RSS or ATOM, people who want to read your stuff on a regular basis can subscribe to your posts and read them on a newsreader. The latest trend is to include advertising to these blog feeds and, as before, if your subscriber clicks on an ad that is included with your feed, freelancers will get some money, albeit incremental. So, as you can imagine, readership level is what you really need to shoot for here.


Advertising Is Much Easier

Advertising channels exist and are waiting for you to approach them because they need the space, and you need the money. Each time one of your readers clicks on an ad on freelance blogs, you earn a predetermined amount of money. With many different programs for everyone to choose from, you’ll burn through virtually dozens of advertiser programs before settling in with a couple that really make you the money while drawing interest from readers.

Remember, when advertising your freelance services for others and receiving lower pay, help is around the corner if you follow the job insecurity and the freelance exit strategy outlined on

Blogosphere Is Vastly Expanding

Corporations are privy of the expanding blogosphere and of the growing number of people who read blogs them; to alleviate the need for useless advertisements and billboards, they are using blogs to advance their business interests. If you have a blog that is dedicated to a particular topic, e.g., digital cameras, that is published on a regular basis, that has a good readership and is recognized as an authoritative source for digital camera information, freelancing just became worthwhile.



Your blog may draw the interest of a corporate sponsor and you may be approached to run their advertisements for new products on a long-term basis. This is where the money starts to grow incrementally and readership starts to get bigger for the freelance professional.

Freelancing Is Hot

Although stressful, freelancing is rather hot right now. If you only do freelance work, then stress can easily build up because income is often patchy and workload most of the times doesn’t stay constant. At times you might have a lot of clients, which can cause you to have problems unwinding and at other times it might be that lack of clients can make you worry.

Freelance work can be very difficult and demanding. By focusing on blogging, learning and looking after your physical well-being, you can keep yourself focused and relaxed while still earning handsome profits.

In Conclusion…

Should blogging interest you enough to become an income bearing scheme for your business, you’ll need to treat it like a business by dedicating your time, energy and creativity to its success and ultimate profitability. You’ll simply need a product or service that is a viable, useful to a mass group of readers, and affordable to the masses.

When times are hard, and focused job hunts during economic paralyses are getting you down, remember to concentrate deeper on content. The content, in essence, becomes your soft sales pitch and helps you to either earn a good living, or at least create an operational portfolio.