Everyone can benefit from healing and positive energy in their lives. Regular check-ups with a primary care physician are just as important as finding ways to promote mental and spiritual health. Releasing negative energy in the form of bad habits, old patterns of thinking, and stress are a few ways which in turn improve overall physical health. Crystal healing is one alternative therapy worth considering.

Crystal Healing – The Basics

Quartz crystals have been used throughout human history to heal the body through their vibrational resonance. Many cultures still use the same methods of their ancestors in today’s world. Medical practitioners of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine employ crystal therapy. The practice predates Ancient Egyptian culture and it is just as powerful for the modern world.

The crystals are placed on different parts of the body correspondent with energy centers. Each crystal is chosen for its unique effects. Different crystals have special properties such as amplifying an intention, cleansing the body, and empowering the will. Crystals activate the energy centers in the human body, creating a flow of positive energy. For your home or office, clusters of quartz crystal placed in a room allow its energy to radiate outward and create harmony.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz is the most commonly found crystal for any crystal healer. This mineral formation can be found in many shapes and sizes, as small as a grain of sand to large clusters as tall as a human. Many colors are available in quartz crystals; purple and amethyst are used extensively in healing because they are powerful and filled with energy.

The prism shape of this prized mineral refracts light and makes a brilliant display. Some crystals sprout while others grow over older crystals with phantoms visible in the light. Choose a crystal which speaks to you, suits your needs & attracts your eye. You may want a wand made of crystal, or a pendulum for divination. Quartz jewelry is attractive because of the array of colors and shapes. Jewelry is a great gift for yourself –not only can you look fashionable but also you attract healing energy into your life.

Healing With Quartz Crystals

Consider Healing Crystals

There are several healing components to any crystal for mind and body. Here are a few popular quartz crystals used in healing:

–    Hedenbergite (aids in transition, bringing people & forces together, immune system & bone loss)

–    Azeztulite (spiritual, promoting psychic energy, inflammation)

–    Auralite (promoting awareness)

–    Colombian Lemurian (double terminated quartz, love energy, interconnectedness)

–    Dolomite (thoughtfulness, harmony, building stamina)

–    Black Tourmaline (stop negative and destructive thoughts and behavior, empowerment and protection)

–    Eudialyte (freedom, nervous system)

–    Herkimer Diamonds (stimulates psychic properties, relieve tension)

–    Russian Phenacite (endocrine system, getting in touch with a Higher Power)

–    Merkabah (amplifying personal intentions)

Find the Quartz Crystal that is Right for You

Check out our selection of quartz and other crystals at www.quartz-crystals-for-sale.com . They have a wide range of crystals which will attract the healing energy you need for your life. Gem and mineral distributor David Geiger has over 20 years working to provide crystal healing for his clients. He earned his recognition in the industry through choosing crystals of high vibration which are excellent for healing.

Healing for You and Your Environment

Cleansing the spirit and mind are just as important as keeping your body healthy. Crystals bring balance and bring peace and understanding. Try crystal healing and see if you feel shifts in your thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. Feel the cleansing power of this exciting alternative therapy and refresh your will to spread love across the world.