Playing sports is a great way to get much-needed exercise, which any middle-aged adult can benefit from. However, the older you get, the more heed you need to pay towards making sure that you avoid injuries. If you do sustain an injury, it can be expensive. Here are four ways to afford an unexpected sports injury.

Hazardous Hobbies: How To Afford An Unexpected Sports Injury


Having health insurance is a great way to get some peace of mind about an injury. The key is making sure that you have the proper insurance that will easily cover your injury. Look over your insurance policy at your workplace and see what it says for injuries. Hopefully, it will cover all if not most of your medical expenses.

Urgent Care

A sprained ankle or broken bone might send you initially to the emergency room. However, ERs can give you a hefty bill, even with insurance. For more affordable care that’s just as good, you should check out an urgent care center. Look for one in your area that will be able to treat your injury the day of. Ideally, you won’t have to look far.

Immediate Treatment

Not all injuries present themselves immediately. Sometimes, you can get injured without realizing how severe it is. You might hurt yourself playing a sport and think that you can just walk it off. However, you need to get treatment right away. Taking a “wait and see” approach could lead to you needing even more medical care. Instead, you should go to a doctor right away after sustaining a sports injury.


Injuries are not always the fault of the person who was injured. If you’re playing a sport, you might find yourself getting tackled rather severely or knocked down by another person. They may not have intended to hurt you, but they could still be deemed liable. If your injury was severe then it could be worth hiring an attorney to review your case. Working with a legal professional will help you determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation. This is a step that you should consider in any severe injury, especially those that result in your hospitalization.

Hopefully this has given you a good idea of how to afford an unexpected sports injury. As you age, injuries and other ailments can become much more devastating. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have the proper plan in place for affording an unexpected sports injury.