Geophysics refers to the study of geographical data — everything from earthquakes to gravity to magnetic impulses — for the purpose of learning more about a particular geophysical element, or simply to collect data for analyzing. A geophysicist is a scientist who studies these and other aspects of the Earth using a variety of tools and methods. From a practical standpoint, geophysics can help to isolate starting points of earthquakes and other naturally occurring events, which in turn can help meteorologists predict future earthquakes and other activity that could threaten human life. Other geophysicists may study the properties of the earth, including minerals and gases, in order to assist with the mining of these minerals, or to help land and property developers create safe and effective building plans.

Geophysical Instruments Manufacturered

Believe it or not, one of the most common instruments used by a geophysicist is a global positioning system, or GPS. This system utilizes satellites to determine exact coordinators, and in geophysics can be useful in monitoring the motions of the Earth.

Other geophysical instruments manufacturered by Advanced Geosciences, Inc. that a geophysicist will commonly use include the geophysical resistivity system, and geophysical IP imaging system. A resistivity system creates illustrations, diagrams, and graphs of areas beneath the earth’s surface with the use of electrodes that are inserted into bored holes that have been drilled specifically for this purpose. Resistivity systems can also be used in bodies of water for data collection. Underground springs are most commonly explored with resistivity.

An IP imaging system works similarly to a resistivity system, though it generates actual photographs or still frames from a video with the use of cameras and two dimensional signals.

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