Even in an age of electronic technology, there is still a tremendous demand for mechanical skills. A professional who specializes in engines, structural design or materials science can be a huge asset to any organization where building is the goal. If you are a mechanic, engineer or you simply have a knack for machinery, here are five careers you might not have considered.

Gearhead? 5 Amazing Careers You Can Pursue In Mechanics

Prototype Engineer

With the rise of 3D printing technology, many manufacturers have a need for specialists to design and produce prototype parts, assemblies and devices using modeling software and mechanical drafting techniques and then prototyping the finished products with 3D printers. This form of one-off manufacturing is rapidly becoming the technology of choice in the after-market manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive sector.


On-demand manufacturing has become quite popular in certain industries, most notably licensed merchandise and books. The next logical step is on-demand manufacturing using designs produced with modeling software. The range of possibilities for this kind of business, especially for products like spare parts and obscure kinds of tools is growing rapidly.

Testing Engineer

One might believe it is possible for practically anyone to test a complex piece of equipment like an electric motor or a wiring system. Some companies like Power Test Inc. offer entire systems designed for this purpose. But even with sophisticated testing it takes a mechanical expert to interpret the results. How do you know if your motor or electrical system passed the test? How can you tell whether your system compares well to others of its type or other alternative systems? A mechanical specialist like you is needed to collect, interpret and present these kinds of findings.

Autonomous Vehicle Repair

The skies over some parks in the U.S. are filled with remote controlled and/or autonomous aircraft every weekend, and there are already self-driving and self-actuated vehicles on the roadways. These kinds of vehicles will not only require the same skill set as any automotive or aerospace engineer, but will also require a mechanic with an aptitude for the specialized systems these vehicles require. This field is sparse to be sure, but is certain to become quite crowded in the coming years.

Robot Mechanic

As much as this might sound like a character from a science-fiction story, the mechanical upkeep of robotic devices is something that is in high demand and is likely to only get more popular as robots find their way into many different kinds of businesses. Robotic mechanisms are different from simple machines in many ways, and if you can optimize and repair them, you’ll have your pick of top jobs.

One thing mechanical experts will always be able to count on is technological progress. If your skills match up, you’ll find there is always a demand for your unique talents.