You never know what the weather is going to do, but why would you let adverse conditions ruin your golf game? A little rain is no problem at all when you have Galvin Green waterproofs and the best Adidas golf shoes on the market. You can play right through a drizzle or even a downpour. While the rain is making all of your friends uncomfortable, ruining their scores, you can charge on to victory as if you were playing in the sun.

The first thing you should know about Galvin Green waterproofs is that they are incredibly breathable. Despite the fact that they keep the rain outside, keeping you warm and dry, they do allow for all of the air movement that you need so that you do not grow sweaty and uncomfortable. The jackets are also lightweight so that you do not have to adjust your swing just because of your clothing.

Fighting the Rain in Many Ways

The Galvin Green waterproofs also combat the rain on a number of different fronts. The zippers are water-resistant, for example, so you will not have any water leaking in through the front of the jacket. The sleeves have rain channels so that the water on the outside is directed away from your hands; the last thing that you need is a wet grip on your clubs. These channels help to keep your hands dry. Finally, a two layer system is used, combining an outer shell with inserts, so that you have two layers of protection.


Made for Golf

You will find that having Adidas golf shoes and a jacket that are made specifically for those who are playing the sport can be incredibly beneficial. For instance, the inserts in the jacket are made with stretching fabric so that the coat does not hamper your swing at all; instead, it moves and stretches with your body. The shoes give you the traction that you need in wet grass, even when you are standing on the slick edge of a water trap or a sand trap. Waterproof shoes keep your feet dry far longer than traditional shoes so that your socks never slide against the bottom of your shoes. Everything is designed for golf, so it blows the competition away.

Play Whenever You Want

The best part about Galvin Green waterproofs and Adidas golf shoes from Function18, besides the fact that they can help improve your score, is that they give you the ability to play whenever you want. No longer do you have to plan around a little rain or run off the course when the rain begins. Now, you can get your money’s worth out of your pass and play to your heart’s content.