If you want to further develop your job skills and marketability after earning your bachelor’s degree, there really aren’t many excuses for not doing so. In today’s world there are many options that an individual who has finished their bachelor’s degree can go with. From entering the workplace to furthering their education via more college, there are now a wide variety of ways that educational services are delivered. Below are just a few ways that you can pursue a more educational based lifestyle.

Master’s Degree

Of course this is the most obvious choice, but you don’t necessarily have to get your master’s in the same field as your undergraduate degree. MBA programs don’t just admit candidates with business degrees and backgrounds. Students from many backgrounds and disciplines are admitted to MBA programs. Even if a person obtains a master’s degree in their undergraduate field of study, many opportunities then become available for positions in administration, management, research and teaching.

Online Classes

You may not have been born then, but as early as 1970, TV College was an actual educational television show. You might not even have been born by 1989, when online education was born with the University of Phoenix. E-learning is now a $30 billion industry. Even the finest universities in the country offer online classes. Accessing a certification or degree can’t be any easier than being in your pajamas with your morning coffee. Many highly accredited advanced programs, like this military history degree, are now available online.

Your Employer

Periodic supplemental certifications are often offered through employers. This is often seen and required in delivery of healthcare services. Most employers make it affordable too. New or updated credentials are critical in career advancement in one’s field. Quality learning programs through one’s employer benefits both the employer and employee while also making the employee more marketable in their industry. Because employers recognize this, they compensate employees accordingly.

Study Abroad

It’s a global economy, and experience on an international level is valued by many companies. Insight on global markets, business climates, global counterparts, cross-cultural negotiations, and how business is done in other parts of the world offers a tremendous competitive advantage for both the prospective employee and the employer. Some of these employers are linked with global manufacturers, consumers, financial services and development agencies. A post-graduate degree in international commerce can be earned in as little as a year.

In the last 15 years, educational institutions have made attendance for post-graduate studies considerably easier. Many high quality programs are available from world renowned universities. If you want that advanced degree or certification, there’s no excuse for not getting it.