There are several questions raised that confuse people suffering from spinal cord injuries. You need to know that the most common cause behind spinal cord injuries is vehicle accidents. There are many ways to cure the damage; here are some of the frequently asked questions for treating spinal cord injury.

What’s the Best Way for Treating Spinal Cord Injury?

There are several ways to treat spinal cord injury, and physiotherapy is one of the recommended ways to treat it. However, stem cell treatment has been into existence for treating spinal cord injury. But, several countries haven’t expressed their interest towards this particular treatment. Germany has perfected this particular technique. This particular treatment is also well known for side effects and takes time to get cured completely.

What are Effects Associated With Spinal Injury?

Effects of spinal injuries are completely based on the injury type and the seriousness. These injuries can be complete and at the same time they might be partial. You can say, it’s a complete spinal injury when there’s no total functioning below the injured area.


Besides the motor functioning or sensation loss, SCIindividuals do experience several other changes. Sexual functioning is affected very frequently and men with SCI problem have impotency issue, while women’s fertility doesn’t get affected very badly.

Other effects here include reduction of body temperature, low blood pressure, and chronic pain.

Can SCI Be Cured?

At this point of time, there’s no sure-shot cure for SCI. There are several researchers experimenting on this particular issue, and there are many lab advancements too. Several other exciting discoveries that result in a decrease in damage at injury time have also been made. Taking Steroid drugs like methylprednisolone to reduce the swelling, which is one of the common causes for this issue.

What is Stem Cell Treatment and How Does It Work?

This particular treatment allows your body to heal by regenerating the cells and later replacing them. This new technique has got several applications. Stem cell treatment allows regeneration of the damaged cells and their replacement. People of older age have a hard time in healing since their body doesn’t have much energy; therefore this particular treatment is preferable at that point of time.

How Stem Cells Affect Spinal Cord?

Usually, trauma on spinal cord certainly damages myelopathy. These nerves allow your brain to communicate with other parts of the body. They present alongside the spine and spread across other body parts and nearby organs. Stem cell treatment improves the healing capability of nerve cells.

How Physiotherapy Helps Curing Spinal Cord Injury?

If your spine is not stable, spinal surgeon will take care of stabilising the spine with bone grafting and instrumentation. It allows the patient to recover in a faster manner. Early physiotherapy management is necessary to monitor the respiratory status, and encouraging the movements of paralysed body. Physical therapy is required soon after the injury. Are you facing a hard time in finding doctors related to Chiropractor, Fairfax VA? You can visit NOVA spine & Injury Centre for all your medical solutions.

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