The Australian population is an ageing population with a median age of 36.9 years in 2009.“A population is ‘young’ when the median age is less than 20 years and is ‘old’ when the median age is more than 30 years.” And in Australia, older people comprise a large consumer group with a considerable combined purchasing power. People aged 55 and above, the so-called baby boomers, now control almost 1/3 of Australia’s wealth, and around ¼ of the nation’s disposable income.

Fraxel Laser: Science’s Answer To The Fountain Of Youth

A study on “Australian Spending Habits” by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission estimated that in 2012, Australian Households spent a total of $642 billion on general living costs including $8.0 billion a year on beauty. Part of the cost of beauty accounts for the $1.4 billion sale of the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA), with it’s 15% share in the skin care market.

Fraxel Laser: Science’s Answer To The Fountain Of Youth

 Since older consumers are in a capacity to spur market development and innovation, many marketers and businesses focus on this age group when they bring to the market new products and services. This could explain why DSAA reported that skin renewal and anti-ageing are the dominant impetus driving the demand for skin care products. The classic consumer base for anti-ageing products are the baby boomers who, at 50 or 60, aspire to look younger and still attractive.

The Search for the Fountain of Youth

Wanting to look beautiful and young is not really new. Authors such as Shakespeare and Mark Twain allude to the detriment old age brings, so it’s not difficult to comprehend why the desire to remain youthful-looking never dies, and the search for the “fountain of youth” continues. As early as the 12th century AD, there was already literature alluding to that spring that allegedly could bring back youth. Modern science could very well discovered the “fountain of youth” with all the new anti-ageing treatments and products that are now readily available in the market. One such treatment is the Fraxel laser system, a treatment that offers the most advanced microlaser treatment that restores the skin to its original beauty.

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel Laser: Science’s Answer To The Fountain Of Youth

Fraxel is a laser therapy that is non-invasive and provides a wide selection of treatment choices tailored-fit to the concerns and needs of the patient. The treatment focuses on ageing and sun damaged skin, acne-scarred skin, skin with pigmentation and skin that needs refining. It is also FDA approved to treat crow’s feet and melasma.

What Fraxel does is to awaken the cells underneath the surface of the skin so that they rejuvenate naturally by the creation of new collagen. This returns the skin to its youthful and original condition: even, smooth and radiant.

The difference of Fraxel from other treatment it its ability to penetrate fractions of the skin  section-by-section without damaging the protective outer surface of the skin. The result is a natural-looking revitalized skin. Fraxel treatments do away with the risks identified with conventional ablative laser resurfacing treatments. And the treatment also has no downtime involved.