Thinking about hosting a New Year party this year? Well then there is one thing that you have to keep in mind when hosting one at your home- there should always be enough finger food to enjoy before the dinner and to go with drinks! This is mainly because the finger food is what keeps you going till the late dinner.

Finger Food Ideas For Your New Year Party 2018

However, it might be a tad bit difficult to come up with ideas for different kinds of finger foods. Well then if you are looking for some easy to make finger food items that will surely be a hit this New Year, then here are some great options for you to try out:

  1. Fish fries: These deep fried and biscuit crumb coated goodies are an excellent finger food option when it comes to New Year parties. These are best served with some French fries and a mayo dip. If you are planning on making it at home by yourself, then do make sure that you get a good quality bekti fish so that taste is extremely good. Since this is a deep fried dish you can also add a bowl of freshly cut salad to it, so that people can keep it balanced a little.
  2. Paneertikka:Vegetarian starters are a must and if you are struggling with options then Paneer tikka is surely one thing that you can go for. The best part about this dish is that it is very simple and easy to make, if you have an OTG oven at home. Get fresh and properly solidified paneer pieces for this recipe to work. These can be enjoyed with a tangy dhania and pudina chutney. This is a pretty common party finger food and never fails!
  3. Mini sandwiches: Well if you are aiming for something in bread and want to try out something that is really cute and creative, then go for mini sandwiches. These are very easy to make and can be prepared in a jiffy. You can have either non vegetarian or vegetarian filling for the sandwich. If you want you can grill them too or keep some grilled and the other plain. Mini sandwiches are best enjoyed with coffee and hence if you are serving coffee in the evening make sure that you have these too!
  4. Pigs in blankets: If you want to usher in the New Year, the American style, then you must have pigs in blankets. If you are not comfortable with pork then you can always opt for any other type of meat. Minced mutton will also work very well for this purpose.
  5. Chips and wafers: There is a different kind of fun to having homemade chips and wafers. If you know how to make these goodies then do go for them for your party. You can always check out their recipes online and try them out at home. These go very well with drinks and other beverages.

Now that you have so many cool ideas for finger food at your fingertips, go try them out today!