Are you tired of dealing with the bad service at your local mobility supply stores? Are you having trouble finding any local mobility stores in general? Are you tired of paying marked up prices for the same equipment that is available online? Good news – it seems like every DME supplier has an online store these days. Many of the big names you’ll see are extremely reputable and trustworthy but it still pays to shop around for the supplier best equipped to meet your needs.

Find a Supplier with Manufacturer Support

It is incredibly important to make sure your online DME has manufacturer authorization and support. Some retailers, especially in the secondhand market, cannot offer any guarantees or warranties because they have no active partnership with the manufacturer – checking for a warranty is the best way to see if a particular DME works with the manufacturer directly.

We like manufacturer-authorized dealers because they have access to all the best add-ons and accessories. USMedicalSupplies, for example, provides both Golden and Pride power wheelchair options because they work hard to keep both their Golden and Pride-riding customers happy and mobile. This includes replacement parts, accessories, modifications, all the goodies you need. Other stores only worry about the sales part.

Have a Chat with the Customer Service Team

Poor customer support is the most common reason that people switch away from their dedicated brick-and-mortar DME suppliers. Online suppliers know that customer service is everything and the top companies put a priority on training their representatives. It is crucial to work with a customer representative that you can trust – never be afraid to ask for a different representative, or change companies altogether if you have a bad experience.

A good customer service representative should be able to dig up the right wheelchair specifications and help you compare them to your measurements or DME evaluation results. Ask for the resident wheelchair expert if your representative cannot answer specific questions about dimensions, weights, and compatibilities. Some companies have specially trained wheelchair consultant to help with the more complicated questions.

Other Helpful Tips to Remember

You’re sure to encounter a few surprises. Stay in constant contact with the person managing your order. Keep all of the receipts and order confirmations that end up in your email, and keep names and employee numbers of all the service representatives that you talk to along the way. Ask for your shipping tracking code as soon as you can and once the package arrives, keep all the packing and papers and do not throw anything away until you’re sure you are happy with your wheelchair.

Try to snap a few photos as you’re unpacking your box. Even the very best durable medical supplies dealer cannot control what happens to your wheelchair once in the hands of the shipping company. Providing your wheelchair dealer with photographic evidence of any damages will help them push your return through faster, and the photos will help them hold the shipping company accountable.

Ordering a wheelchair online does not have to be a hassle! In fact, if you’re paying on your own dime and do not have to worry about insurance negotiations, the online ordering process may even prove easier than the traditional buying route. Once you find a great online DME supplier make sure to stick with them – it’s always nice to have an industry insider just an email away.

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Natalie Sage is a freelance article writer that blog contributor! Natalie focuses on medical, health and self-development related topics to help keep everyone focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.