It doesn’t pay to wait for an emergency before you start thinking about healthcare. You need to make healthcare decisions and plans while you’re healthy so that everything you need is in place if you are sick or injured. There are several steps you can take to create an excellent medical care plan for yourself.

Fair Healthcare:Finding the Best Medical Care For You

Choose a Good Health Insurance Plan

Most people can purchase health insurance from their employer. Employers generally offer at least two kinds of plans. One costs more out of pocket but covers routine office and the treatment of most kinds of medical care. The second plan has a lower out of pocket expense, but it also has a high deductible. It is mainly designed to pay for high cost treatments like chemotherapy. If you are not eligible for insurance through an employer, check out your options on You may also be eligible for Medicare if you are over 65 or if you have been disabled for at least 24 months. Another option is Medicaid, a state-based program which covers people with low income and few assets.

Find a Primary Care Physician

A primary care physician handles routine medical care like checkups and provides treatment for minor illnesses and wounds. He or she will also work with specialists to coordinate your care for more serious health problems. When you sign up for health insurance, your plan will provide a list of physicians they cover. It’s a good idea to meet with two or three of these doctors before selecting your primary care physician. During the meetings, ask yourself if you trust this person and if you would feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with him or her.

Get to Know Your Pharmacist

Try to fill all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy, especially if you see several doctors for different conditions. Talk with your pharmacist about any new prescription. It is especially important to be aware of any side effects and to know about possible harmful interactions with other medications you are taking.

Stand up for Your Rights

Sometimes even the best doctors make bad mistakes. If you suspect you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, speak to a law firm like McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. An attorney can examine the facts of the case and help you explore your options. Some of the most common medical mistakes include misdiagnosis or failing to diagnose a serious illness, issues with pregnancy and childbirth and surgical errors.

Getting the best medical care can protect your health and help you live a long and productive life. If you do not believe the medical care you are currently receiving is adequate, take steps to improve it. Your body will thank you for the extra effort.