Law is a term which has no specific definition that can be accepted in a universal manner. However, one sure thing about law is that it is a system of rules, policies, guidelines and regulations that are enforced on every nation and institution. This is created and being implemented to govern people’s behavior and also, to ensure that the country is well guarded and managed. The rules and policies that are imposed are made by a particular country’s government, specifically, the legislative body system. These laws encompass various aspects and phases of people’s lives such as the politics, economics, society, autonomy, and others. The laws and regulations that are reflected in a country’s constitution contains countless ways of guides and rules that aims to mediate the relationship of people living in the same particular land. Thus, laws are highly considered and deemed as a social conciliator or mediator since it enables people to live peaceably in a well-organized society.


          On the other hand, justice is a term derived from the concept of moral appropriateness and correctness. This moral rightness is based on people’s ethics, rationality or wisdom, law, religion, equity or fairness. Just as the law, understanding justice differs in every culture. Thus, there is also no definite meaning of justice that can be universally accepted as every nation and culture has their own way of defining the term.

The Relationship of Law and Justice

          The law is a set of rules or guidelines which are implemented in a certain country to obtain nonviolent environs. If one particular person happens to break any of the laws indicated in a constitution, the process of acquiring justice then takes place through a series of legal actions conducted by the authorities. Hence, justice is the act of getting fairness and righteousness. And with this, the law and justice, have certainly worked and goes hand in hand for there can never be equality and justice if there are no legal rules and laws to trial.

          Generally, the law holds off vast contents of policies and regulations which serve people regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, physical attributes, and social standings. Wherever one may look at in the society, a particular policy will always be associated with it. For instance, on the road and as people travel, rules and policies can be found such as the presence of traffic lights, traffic enforcers, road signage such as the pedestrian lanes and others. These are symbols and indications that there are rules that need to be followed even when on the road. And if ever one will break it, guaranteed that he/she will undergo legal procedures with regard to the violated rule.

          Indeed, law and justice play a very essential role in making a society be organized. The existence and properness of its implementation do not only assure every individual of a peaceful country but also, it allows people to become well-mannered and decent law-abiders.

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