Everything Wrong With The Donald Trump Presidency And Donald Trump

It is an important and popular fact the Donald Trump is a Racist, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, a sexist and many, many more things that I do not have the time to list here. This post is going to be a long list of everything wrong with His presidency and Donald Trump Himself.


  1. The “Grab them by the Pussy” Incident
  2. This
     Image from CNN
  3. The Muslim Ban
  4. He is another rich white man running the USA
  5. Multiple Divorcees
  6. Multiple allegations of sexual assault, including one against a child
  7. Multiple other inappropriate sexual statements
  8. He said he would date his daughter
  9. He thinks a multi billion dollar wall is cheaper than allowing Mexicans into the USA
  10. He is allowing anti-abortionists to create laws about females bodies
  11. He is trying to destroy all the great things that Obama has done
  12. Everything he says
  13. He Cannot spell
  14. His tweets
  15. He has stopped funding to foreign abortion clinics
  16. He threatens Chicago



This is a short list and will be updated as the time comes.

Got any suggestions or things to add?

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