A good massage is often relaxing while it is being administered, but does it provide effective results that continue once the session is over? You could come to massage therapy for any number of reasons, including for back pain, a long-term condition, or an injury. There are many types of health care practitioners and it may feel like a risk to go see a massage therapist. We at Achieve Health hope we can reassure you by addressing this important question: does massage therapy work?

Alternative health critics support massage, as long as the practitioner is properly educated

It’s no secret that some health practices aren’t backed up by science and their practitioners don’t receive thorough training. Massage therapy definitely has it’s critics in this area, but many highly regarded critics have said that they believe massage, when done properly, can be a legitimate treatment. Luckily for those in BC, massage therapy students must complete a 3000 hour provincially regulated program in order to receive a licence, and they are required to attend continuing education courses.
It’s effective for treating low back pain
Science has shown that massage therapy is actually one of the few treatments proven to be at least partially helpful for low back pain. This is great news for the many people working physical labour or desk jobs that can take a toll on the back.
It’s a proven treatment for anxiety and depression
As much as massage therapy feels soothing on one’s physical body, it has proven effects on mental health, too. There are multiple explanations for this. First of all, it is relaxing and help to affect one’s mood, emotions, and feelings. It also can lower blood pressure, which is useful for reducing anxiety. As well, people who have depression or anxiety will often have difficulty with getting to sleep. Some evidence has shown that massage therapy can help make getting to sleep easier, which is a key way to improve one’s overall well-being.
Massage therapy has its limits, and a good massage therapist will know them
Massage can get a bad name when some practitioners claim that they can do more than they actually can. An educated and experienced massage therapist will be honest with you with whether they can treat any condition that we haven’t mentioned here.
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