Many brides-to-be hanker after the unusual; looking for ways in which to make their big day (and their big outfit!) stand out from the crowd. Accessories are one way in which a bride can make a real splash and choosing vintage or one off pieces will ensure that your finished look is miles ahead of everyone else’s!

A collection of pretty vintage brooches makes a stunning bouquet.
A collection of pretty vintage brooches makes a stunning bouquet.

There has been a fad for all things vintage in recent years; but it is very difficult to locate vintage bridal wear which is in good enough condition to be worn today as well as in a realistic size…many vintage dresses are simply far too small for modern day women to fit into!

A brooch bouquet can be a fabulous way of making your outfit look really special and also of personalizing your accessories  Bridal bouquets are not difficult to make, they only require some patience and a keen eye!

If you would like to have a brooch bouquet for your wedding and you do not know where to begin, simply follow this guide and you will soon have the bouquet of your dreams; the best thing about brooch bouquets apart from their beauty of course, is that they will last for a lifetime and will make a wonderful and personal family heirloom.

 Beginning your collection:

Looking at making your brooch bouquet should begin with gathering together as many stunning brooches as possible. You can choose to use vintage, contemporary or a mixture of both in your bouquet.

Some brides-to-be ask friends and relations to donate a brooch to the bouquet which is a rather special way of making it even more meaningful. Another way of gathering enough brooches is to simply visit junk and charity shops and buy up cheap rhinestone or other gem studded brooches. Many can be bought for only a few pence whilst other, larger vintage pieces may cost a few pounds. Online auction sites are a great route and some sellers offer small collections of diamante and rhinestone brooches for only a few pounds.

Putting your bouquet together:

There are only a few necessary materials which you will need to gather for your brooch bouquet and they are as follows.

26 gauge floral wire

Wire snips

Floral tape


Pearl Pins


Begin to assemble your bouquet by preparing each brooch individually; firstly, choose a brooch and wrap a piece of 26 gauge floral wire around the clasp at the back. Wrap it in such a way that you can double it back to create a “stem” of around 7″ long.

Next cover the wire by wrapping floral tape around it from top to bottom tightly. This will create your first “brooch flower”. Repeat these steps with all of your brooches, you will need around 50 brooches to create a nicely sized bouquet.

Choose brooches of different sizes and arrange them on their wires until you are satisfied with the way they look together; intersperse larger brooches with small ones.

When you are happy with your arrangement it is time to bind the wire “stems” together with ribbon. Choose good quality linen or silk ribbon in a colour which will not compete with your arrangement or one which contrasts with it.

Bind the “stems” together with the ribbon by wrapping them tightly and securing with the pearl pins.

When you have used your bouquet you can display it as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

A bouquet made up entirely of daisy shaped brooches is both fun and stylish.
A bouquet made up entirely of daisy shaped brooches is both fun and stylish.

Some tips:

Choose brooches of similar design in differing sizes and colours to add continuity to your design

Choose brooches in diamante style but vary the colours to create a sparking and luxurious effect

Ask friends and family to donate a brooch to your bouquet

Clean your brooches before arranging them by soaking in a gentle soap and scrubbing them with a soft bristled toothbrush. To dry, simply lay on a towel for a few hours then polish with  soft cloth.

When your wedding day is over, display your brooch bouquet in a special place as a constant and lovely reminder of your day.