Divorce, the dissolution of marriage. And with that, divorce is the end of all the promises that were made to each other in front of the pope inside the church, under one roof while seeking the blessing of our father Jesus Christ. Divorce might seem like an ordinary event when you hear someone else’s story but the scenario can be exactly opposite when you will find yourself stuck in the middle of such emotionally drastic situation.

Whether to get divorced or try your luck can be an overwhelming decision because there are certain things that paralyze our senses and makes it practically impossible to take the right decision unless we are already prepared. The emotional outburst and the auto playback of all the memories associated with marriage in the mind creates an unbearable pressure. Thus, we suggest you consult your divorce/family law attorney first. They are experienced and they are aware of all the possible things that can happen with an individual. They have faced similar situation multiple times and so, it’s better if you let them take your decision.

Now, one thing I know, divorce can kill your happiness and peace of mind because the process and entire concept of divorce have become like this. However, an expert attorney will always suggest you to choose mediation method to get divorced, to keep your peace of mind intact.

Why mediation?

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience because of all the litigation taking place and accusations that ruin the privacy of your life. In order to get divorced the way they want, people cross their limits and speak of things which they shouldn’t, not in courts, to prove the other person wrong. Thus, the method of mediation is considered a peaceful alternative to the conventional method of divorce. If you and your spouse mutually agree on getting divorced, the mediation is a better way to get divorced peacefully. Both participants mutually agree to the terms and conditions put forward by the other guy and after a healthy discussion, they come to an agreement.

What are the main arrangements that you can achieve with mediation?

  1. Post-Divorce financial arrangements: The primary discussion involves post-divorce financial agreements between both participants. This is to ensure that the financially weaker participant gets the fair financial support by the other participant.
  2. Child custody arrangements: Child custody discussion is one of the major topics that has to be dealt with patience. Your child’s future depends on your mutual discussion and that’s one reason for you to deliberate on this discussion.
  3. Child support expenses: Your child will grow every next day and managing a child is expensive. And, the custodian may or may not be completely capable of paying all the expenses and this is why an agreement to share the expenses is required.
  4. Equitable distribution of property: Property distribution arrangements can be negotiated properly in front of the mediator and proper documentation can be done to ensure the agreement is officialized.
  5. Parenting plan and other details: The amount of communication taking place between the non-custodian parent and the frequency of their meetings with the child can be decided upon mutual agreement. The parenting plan is something which you can’t miss.