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Diet and Exercise: Can One Cover up For Another

Diet and Exercise: Can One Cover up For Another

Diet and Exercise: Can One Cover up For Another

One can lose weight either by dieting or exercising or both. People have lost weight by following crash diets, taking diet pills or by regularly exercising, walking or jogging. It actually depends on the goals you have set for your body. Is it a wedding you are attending and you want to fit in the bridesmaid dress of yours? Are you a guy with dreams of getting six pack abs? Or are you one of those health freaks who want it all, which is to eat light and exercise right? Diet and exercise can cover up for each other but only to some extent.

Following are some of the benefits of taking a pick out of the two.

Mighty Diet

If one considers dieting as the only option to shed off those extra pounds, they are in for some insider rumbling. This one is not for weak mouthed. Seeking control over your tongue can be difficult with so many luring sights of food all around.

Diet and Exercise: Can One Cover up For Another

Advantages of Only Dieting

  • It is the fastest way to lose weight. One can lose a pound per week by cutting down 500 calories a day.
  • To say no to those inviting calories is easier than dragging oneself to gym early in the morning or after a full day at work in the evening.
  • Also one can find innumerable diet pills now a day. Once a person is on diet pills, he does not even need to think about eating. They keep you full and flowing with energy throughout the day. You can check out with to find out more on them.

Keep Moving

Research has proven that exercising without a proper diet plan can only help you to shed 2 to 3 % of your body weight in approx 6 months which is way lesser than what a diet control plan can do (as mentioned earlier). Still exercise has a lot of benefits. It keeps you fit, makes you feel full of energy and strong too.

Advantages of only exercising

  • People who move around a lot in a day or those are more physically active are healthier than that mass who are active only while at the gym and stay dormant the rest of the day.
  • It helps your heart. Even a little exercise can reduce your blood pressure, improve functioning of your heart muscles, and avoid the formation of blood clot.
  • A steady and long lasting weight loss can be achieved by regular exercise something which a crash diet can never promise to do. Generally people tend to gain weight faster than they lost it, once they are over with their diet plan.

As can be seen here both diet and exercise offer several advantages unique to themselves still they are incomplete without each other in fulfilling the purpose of their origin.

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It just depends on how we have envisioned our body. Different people see health and fitness very differently. Exercise and diet are like different sides of the same coin. Both try to serve the purpose of achieving your dream figure but in different styles.

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John Brookner is a health expert who kind of segregates the effects of dieting and exercise to put forward his discussion better. He also reserves his praise for some authentic sources online such as that educate you greatly about diet practices.

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