As far heart bypass surgery in India is concerned you go on to replace the damaged arteries that are known to supply blood to the muscles of the heart. In order to perform this surgery, the surgeon goes on to rely on the blood vessels from the other parts of the body. The number of doctors who are performing this surgery is on the rise in the last few years. You need to take note of the fact that this surgery would be undertaken when the coronary arteries do become damaged. If their blood flow is restricted or they are blocked the heart would not be in a position to work properly. This can lead to heart failure.

How is it confirmed whether you are a candidate for heart bypass surgery?

Here a team of doctors include a cardiologist verify the fact on whether you happen to be a candidate for open heart surgery. There is a certain type of medical conditions which does make things a lot complicated and you cannot eradicate it fully. The complications in this regard would be kidney disease or diabetes. It is suggested that you discuss all the issues with the doctor before you go for the surgery. Just discuss with them your family history along with the over the counter medicines that you are taking. When the surgery is planned it does go on to work much better than an emergency surgery.

How about the preparation for a heart bypass surgery?

Once you have been given the go as a candidate for a heart bypass surgery in India you will be given a set of instructions to deal with. If the surgery does happen to be planned in advance and does not include emergency lines a list of post-operative methods will help you considerably in this regard. As part of the procedure, you will be asked to appear for blood tests, Chest X rays along with MRI scans.

The phase of recovery after the surgery?

The moment the surgery is over you is going to have a tube in the mouth. The chances are that there is going to be some pain or side effects from this procedure as well.  Some of the symptoms are short-term memory loss, confusion or you might face a situation where you are not able to keep track of the time as well.  Most likely you are going to be in the ICU for the first couple of days so that the general health is going to be monitored. The moment things are under control you will be shifted to another room. Most often than not you need to be prepared for a hospital stay for close to a week.

Once you are about to leave the hospital the medical team is going to provide you with tips on how to take care of yourself. This would mean how to take care of the incision, have plenty of rest and at the same time staying away from physical activity.