Childhood Toys Are RACIST!

When I was younger, I too, loved to play with Yu Gi Oh cards. I was a naive girl who enjoyed playing and trading the cards with friends, the other day my little cousin was trading cards with a friend they had over to our house. She asked me to come play cards with them and I readily agreed, eager to get lost in nostalgia when my biggest problem was which attack to play. I got a few cards from my cousin and discovered something horrible. I stared down at the cards, blinked, and took a deep breath.

They were racist.

What’s worse, they are marketed to young children as toys that are harmless and fun. Quickly I gathered up the cards from the young folk and threw them out as fast as I could. I ran to my computer, shaking, and started to type.

Does this seem like an overreaction? To some maybe, but I can assure you, it’s not. Looking at these cards, it was evident to me that the black dragon had little to no power, and the white dragon was one of the rarest cards you could get, was indeed far more powerful than the black one.                

        Image result for black dragon yugioh                        Image result for white dragon blue eyes card

Obviously, this is an example of the microaggressions that POCs face on a day to day basis. I can not imagine what it would be like as a child to look down at the card that you most identify with and see that it has less power than a majority group that has been oppressing you, killing your people, and shooting them in the streets.

Not only this, but blue eyes and white skin was the combination that Hitler decided was superior. You can also the that the dragon has blonde hair.       


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