The big question many people with a bad credit rating ask is whether or not it’s possible to get a credit card with your credit history? Things can happen to us all which cause us to receive a bad credit rating, even if it’s something completely beyond out control and years ago, however there are still circumstances where we still need to borrow. Something could happen and you urgently need an extra amount of money, for example the boiler breaking in the middle of winter or the likes, and borrowing is simply the only option sometimes. We’ve teamed up with family finance experts, My Family Club, to take a look at what’s possible and what you can expect!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing in emergencies and as we say, it often can’t be helped but how about if you’ve got previous bad credit? People in these circumstances still need to borrow from time to time but many in that situation think it’s not even worth looking! As a matter of fact, it’s not the end of the world if you’ve got a bad credit score and in most instances, it is possible to get a credit card, it may just be a little more difficult than a standard card!

Be prepared to have to supply more information on your finances and the like if you’ve had bad credit and be prepared to have to pay a slightly higher rate of interest than on a standard card! Of course, assuming you can afford it, however, it’s often the only option and something you just have to live with!

In terms of finding the best and lowest interest bad credit credit card? We suggest you head over to the My Family Club website and see their list of the best and latest cards to ensure you can still borrow but don’t end up paying over the odds on interest!