The way a chiropractor deals with ailments is by manipulating, stretching, and moving the spine as well as the soft tissue around the spine. No drugs or surgery are involved in the treatments but certain exams will need to be completed in order to discover the best treatment including x-rays. In cases, were warranted chiropractors will use braces, straps, shoe inserts, or other items to help relieve a patient’s pain. In most cases, a chiropractor will also help patients with advice on nutrition, managing stress, exercise, and lifestyle issues.

Can A Chiropractor Help With Migraines?

There are very few research studies provided on the benefits of chiropractic treatment and migraines. However, one recent study showed the results of various types of headaches which did include migraines. The study involved 22 separate studies with over 2,600 patients. The results of the study showed that chiropractic treatments were best used as a preventive measure against migraines.

In a different study, the results showed that 22% of patients had a drop in the number of migraines they suffered by 90% as well as 49% had a reduction in the intensity of the pain they experienced.

In Australia a trial was conducted with 127 patients suffering from migraines. In the study, all patients that visited a chiropractor had fewer migraines and had taken less medication to relieve the pain. The study was conducted in 1999 and showed that over 80% of the patients believed their migraines were stress related. Due to this researchers believe that chiropractor treatment reduces the way the body reacts to stress, thus the reason the number of migraines were less in most patients.

Of course, there are some side effects that might occur when a patient first begins to receive chiropractic treatments which include tiredness, headaches, soreness at the sight of the manipulation, stiffness, and increased pain.

If you are suffering from headaches or migraines, you should first speak with your chiropractor and give them all the pertinent information regarding any medications you are taking including vitamins and supplements. Some treatments may interact adversely with the medications.

You can always visit with a chiropractor and have a consultation before you decide on treatment. Always ask questions and ensure you understand any and all risks involved. You should also speak with your regular physician to see if they believe that chiropractor treatment might aid in relieving your migraines. Not all migraines are brought on by stress and may not be treated by chiropractor adjustments. If you work along your chiropractor and your physician you have better chances of having fewer migraines and take fewer medications.

Most patients did in fact through the few studies published have few migraines and the pain was less when they had an attack. Of course, each person is different and the cause of the migraines could be different. Chiropraticien ste-foy can provide you with advice on chiropractic care.