The ‘hit me baby one more time’ beauty Britney Spears has not talked much about her present lover boy, David Lucado, but it does seem that there is something serious brewing between the two.

The couple has spoken about having children but whether they will be tying the knot has not yet been decided by them.

She declares her endless love for him and adds that she likes his stubborn attitude, his simplicity is what she adores she also highlighted the fact that he is passionate and funny. He is also very passionate about his work and anything that he takes up he is quite at it till it is complete.

The 31-year-old Britney established that her father in fact did a thorough check up on David prior to them dating months back and she is reasonably ok with the fact. She was quite sure that she wanted more babies with David, though she already has two sons from her previous marriage with Kevin Federline.


Long back in 2004 she was married to Jason who was her friend from childhood. David and Britney were first spotted together on a special occasion that was Valentine’s Day which happened to be a month after Jason and Britney broke up. She also enlightened her fans stating that she is due to release a track on Jason’s and her breakup.

Britney Spears in addition spoke about her forthcoming album “Britney Jean,” that will hit the racks by next week. She commented on the album and said that it was like a therapy for her, something that brought positive alterations within her, while writing for this album her view point also changed.

She added that there are times in one’s life where you go through a down phase and you feel withdrawn from a lot of things and your imaginative channel is completely slashed off. As and when the time is right you realize what you essentially want to do and that is when things become much easier.

There are quite a few shows lined up in December for Britney and she is determined to do them all as her last few tours were not as expected and she is all geared up to make this happen in the best possible way. She seems quite excited about it as it will be different from her other tours but she is really looking forward towards it.