Boston bombing

Investigators have determined that the perpetrators behind the Boston bombing attacks last month that killed 3 and left hundreds injured were payback for the way Muslims were being targeted by US drones and missile strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the case has said “An attack on one Muslim is an attack on all Muslims.”  He went on to say he did not miss his brother, because he thought he would be joining him “very soon.”  The bombings are raising US immigration questions regarding how they were able to enter the United States and why more wasn’t known about them before they carried out the horrendous bombings.

Bombing Information

The Boston bombings occurred on April 15th, 2013 during the annual Boston marathon.  There were two bombs that detonated.  They were built using pressure cookers and were put on ignition timers so they would explode appromixately 12 seconds apart from each other.  The bombs were filled with a variety of shrapnel materials including nails, bb’s and ball bearings.  The massive force of the blast caused the shrapnel to be projected at a very high speed, causing massive injuries to anybody in the immediate area.

After the bombings took place the hunt immediately began for suspect(s) behind the horrendous attack.  It didn’t take law enforcement and lawyers long until they identified two suspects using surveillance video.  The suspects were identified using picture identification and they were quickly tracked down.  After a lengthy firefight and car chase which resulted in the death of an MIT police officer, the older brother in the pair was shot to death.  The younger brother escaped although he was found less than 24 hours later, hiding in a boat, bleeding to death.

Interesting Note left at Boat

A Seattle immigration lawyer has stated there was a handwritten note written onto the side of the boat where the younger brother was hiding out until his capture.  The note includes details about why the attack was completed and what the purpose was.  The younger brother has stated that US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq was the primary motivator behind carrying out the attack.  He said the victims were merely “collateral damage” and that the innocent lives taken in Afghanistan were nothing compared to the “mere” three victims of the Boston bombings attacks.

Road Ahead

The road ahead for the sole surviving perpetrator will surely be filled with court testimony, trials, evidence and hopefully a conviction and sentencing.  First investigators will have to comb through thousands of documents and pages of evidence to pinpoint the exact reasons the brothers decided to carry out the bombings, if they had any help, and how harshly they can be punished according to federal law.  There is also the question of whether the brother will be tried in a state court or federal court.  Trying him in federal court gives prosecutors the option of pushing for the death penalty, something that they very likely will pursue.