MOOCs is the acronym for massive open online courses, and is currently the buzzword for their potential to give everyone with internet connection, unlimited and free access to some of the best known universities’ classes  in US.  For those who enroll for such courses, experience holds a solitary disposition. Students can log on at any time and have no face-off with virtual classmates. The US state department has launched its latest initiative to boost online learning and create and interactive experience for students across the world. The MOOC camp program invites pupils enrolling for the courses to visit US consulates, embassies or auxiliary locations for some weeks to discuss the academic content and module.

These sessions are presided over by embassy staff, concerned scholars or others related to the state department. After running a pilot version of MOOC during the summer, the department is initiating a new pool of courses this winter, which will cater to India, Tanzania, Nigeria and Peru, among a host of other nations. The State Department will announce new location soon, which shall encourage students to check into concerned website for further announcements or updates. Totally free yet credit-centric, these online courses include subjects like college writing, public speaking alongside entrepreneurship. Coursera, a reputed MOOC affiliate, has partnered the harbingers in fostering the program. The company assimilates and shares information pertaining to the dynamic academic. It also provides effective guidance to course facilitators. The main aim is to provide a pan-American, high-quality learning experience. Assistant secretary of state for cultural and educational affairs, Evan Ryan vindicates this fact. While the courses cater to everyone, particular young people will benefit more from them, she said. The affirmation comes from the norm that globally, young aspirants share a common desire for economic and educational opportunities. This is the underlying ethos of the programs, which seek to improve your English language skills. Business studies and English are two pivotal components in global economy.

Sindy Louis-Gracieuse, a professional physical education instructor, decided to enroll to enhance her skills. She was among 150 students who enrolled for a Californian University-Irvine course on modern classroom technology for K-12 faculty. She loved the opportunity to lean both online and in a traditional setting-a system which education pundits term as blended learning. She says that it is encouraging that the US is endeavoring to help students improve their feat and enabling them to be independent. The State department plans to bring MOOC programs beyond the ghetto of capital metropolises too rural regions where there is a sheer need of education.