Regardless of current experience level, there are various valid reasons to choose node.js over .net or java. Going through some practical reasons will help you to learn more about its promising features. People generally have a misconception that mode.js is meant for creating cool-looking trendy platforms. But, that’s not the reason. You might be using some rich framework like Backbone or Angular. Therefore, you are aware of REST-API, which helps in shuttling JSON. Even without using any of these frameworks, you are writing your code in jQuery. So, promising use of node js development is mandatory if you want to avoid continuous translating. It helps in gaining metal as well as practical energy.

Reasons to come across

It is mandatory to join hands with a more secure, scalable and well-supported framework, while working on enterprise development platforms. You must look for a well-supported framework offering runtime environment to produce large scale scenarios. Well, java or .Net might be an obvious option. But, they have some of their own downsides, too. Thus, incorporating node.js seems to be a pretty clever idea.

Rising popularity relating to node.js

Well, the rising popularity of this module is clear to determine its usage and positive features. Maximum developers are currently working on node.js for writing JavaScript on server and client sides. It helps you to use the same patterns in front and back end developmental packages. However, some promising extra points will help you to learn more about Node.js:

  • For speed and non-blocking I/O API facilities, Node.js is always the prime option. Concurrency seems to be quite difficult in various server-side programming languages. This might finally lead to poor performances. With Node.JS, you will be able to create event based architecture. It helps in optimizing scalability of an application. Developers just need to write simple codes, and Node.js will work on it.
  • Furthermore, Node.js plans to use event loop in place of threads or processes. It helps in defining callback. Thus, the server enters event loops automatically at the end of this callback. When there is no need of further callbacks, node.js exits the event loop and waits for its next mission.
  • Another positive side of node.js is its political neutral language. Some debates among developers have potentially put forward some set standard rules in .net and Java camps. However, node.js can work with various programming languages; making it all the more flexible. Both .net and java camps accept Node.js; especially, while working with JavaScript syntax. So, they are capable of deploying node.js in Windows and UNIX architectures.
  • Whenever you are trying for some enterprise development, you cannot avoid the importance of Node.js. It helps in appealing to wider range of technical community for its scaling. Through node.js, it won’t be hard for developers to pick up recent JavaScript. It might lead to better productivity level. Some of the promising organizations are currently using node.js for timely production.
  • js is no doubt fast. Also defined as JavaScript runtime, it uses V8 engine while working on Chrome. It helps in compiling ad executing JavaScript as fastest speed possible. As V8 uses methods to combine JavaScript with native machine codes, therefore; lighting fast speed is all that you will get.
  • Another magical experience of Node.js lies with is event loop. Primarily defined as single thread to perform I/O operations, this event loop is becoming the main reason to use Node.js over .net and java.
  • The old I/O operations used to run synchronously; taking a lot of memory and quite difficult to program. But with Node.js and its asynchronous function, you will receive a callback action, and execute the rest of programs easily. After the completion of the asynchronous program, event loop sets to returns to task and execute the present callback.
  • You cannot afford to miss out the tools, while working on Node.js. NPN is the name of the tool. It resembles package managers, but proves to be quite fast and effective. Thanks to its consistent and robust characteristics, programmers won’t find it difficult to complete their work within a flick of second.
  • NPM helps in isolating packages from other projects. That helps in avoiding any form of version conflicts. Furthermore, it even works smartly to handle global installs of platform based binaries.

Easy development with secured work

With Node.js, you will always come along easy development procedure. As mentioned earlier, Node.js is well accepted by java and .net. So, working with Node.js is an easy piece of cake for them. Furthermore, Node.js has a reputation of being a secured platform. It is quite easy to learn over here.

Moreover, scaling can be done well, as Node.js appeals to various technical communities. It has been a part of production house for ages, and now you know why. Using Node.js over java or .net offers non-clocking I/O API with maximum speed. So, look for the best node js development programs for your IoT, mobile and web applications.