Beauty and the Beast Review!

It has been a hard year for women, POCs, and other minorities with the recent election of Donald Trump, the sexist rhetoric that has been spouted through social media, and the rise of Alt Right (Nazis.) So I decided to kick back, relax, and write a fun piece for everyone to enjoy!

The new Beauty and the Beast movie was amazing. It was such a strong motivation for young girls everywhere and even though I had some problems with the cartoon version and the live action movie (Gaston! Toxic Masculinity much?!) I overall thought it was a historically accurate film that portrayed such a positive message.   

Slavery was not as common as one would think in France during the 17th century. In a matter of fact, Europe has always surpassed us when it comes to human rights. That is why I think it was so wonderful to include the diverse array of people they did. In all scenes there were POCs and white actors interacting. I thought this was such a step forward for people and for actors of color, who commonly make less than their white counterparts and get boxed into the most stereotypical roles.

Emma Watson was great. Her activism on set only added to her performance that was already flawless. Her singing was beautiful and she was a star. One thing that I really appreciate about her was her refusal to conform to societal beauty standards and wear a restricting corset. Emma stood up for all young girls who have ever felt pressure to dress a certain way when she refused to literally restrict herself. Emma is basically Belle IRL.

I couldn’t write a review about this without talking about Josh Gad and the amazing inclusion they did of people with different sexual orientations. What character development! Walt Disney’s heteronormative movie did not include the (albeit one sided) romance between Le Fou and Gaston. This movie did. It did so in a classy way that really made you understand how inclusive France back then actually was to homosexuals. While I would have liked to see a kiss to really solidify the character’s sexual orientation, this was a wonderful step for the Hollywood movie industry and more people should follow this example!   

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