Would it be fair to say that there are more important and exciting purchases to be made in life than automatic hand dryers? Indeed it would, but if you find yourself in a position where you are in need of hand dryers and perhaps a rather large shipment of hand dryers at that, chances are you’d prefer to get the job done right.

It never fails to take people by surprise when it comes to just how many different types of electric hand dryers there are on the market and how many brands there are pushing their own merchandise. It might seem like something of a niche retail area in general, but there are literally thousands of products out there making it tricky to know where to start. Nevertheless, regardless of which brand and specific products you decide to go for, there is one sure-fire way of ensuring you get the very best deal and indeed the best service every time:

Automatic Hand Dryers – Cutting Out The Middleman

Cut out the middleman.

It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp really – you essentially have the choice of either buying directly from the brand of your choosing, all going to a generic retailer that stocks a wide variety of brands. Technically speaking, both of these options will yield the same result in terms of you getting the products you want, but at the same time there are several important benefits that come with buying direct…including the following:

1 – Save Time

First of all, if you would prefer for your order to be fulfilled as quickly as possible, the best way of going about it is to cut out the middleman. The reason being that oftentimes, when and where you place an order with a middleman or reseller, they are then required to pass your order on to the actual provider in order to get the items shipped out to you. Or in other words, you are making the process twice as long and complicated as it needs to be if compared to the alternative of going straight to the manufacturer yourself. And of course, the simpler the logistics of getting things to you in the first place, the lower the chance of delays along the way.

2 – Save Money

While there are exceptions to the rule, it is usually safe to say that when that you pick up a product from a reseller or middleman, you will pay a higher price than had you picked it up directly from the manufacturer. The reason being that this middleman or reseller has to stay in business which means making money which means adding at least something onto the price of the products being purchased. It might not be a great deal, but it still amounts to an additional expense the likes of which could be avoided by going straight to the manufacturer. The long and short of it is that it is almost unheard of to pay lower prices than you would if you were to buy things directly from those who make them in the first place.

3 – Bigger Range

When a third-party reseller stocks products from a wide variety of different brands, they are naturally limited in terms of exactly how many products from each brand they can carry at any one time. As such, those who buy from such sellers will find they are at least to some extent restricted with regard to choice and availability.  By contrast, head directly to a leading brand with a comprehensive range of products on offer and chances are you will be able to find something that suits your needs to the letter, as opposed to simply compromising on the closest match available.

4 – Better Service

It’s also worth bearing in mind that there may be a time in the weeks, months or years to come when you need professional advice or assistance to keep your dryers up and running. Suffice to say, it is unlikely that you will receive comprehensively professional advice from those who simply sell on  these kinds of products as third parties – you’re far better off doing business with those who manufacture them in the first place.

5 – Avoid Amateur Hour

Last but not least, it’s a similar point to the previous entry but try to bear in mind that when it comes to seeking advice and guidance in the first place, it’s far more valuable to speak to the manufacturer itself. If you are not 100% sure as to what types of hand dryers you need, what types of hand dryers are available, what the differences are between the various types of hand dryers and so on and so forth, it is unlikely you are going to get objective, impartial and genuinely helpful information from a third party reseller. In all instances therefore, it pays to go direct.