Are strong female characters a ploy by the patriarchy?



     Lara Croft, Chun- Li, Samus Aran, and GLaDOS are all strong female characters in videogames. While they are all different in their own ways, they all share something in common– they are all sexualized.
     Now you may say that strong female characters promote gender equality, but you would be wrong. All female characters either have large breasts, or butts, or both. Where are all the flat-chested, or flat-bottomed females? I’ll tell you. Nowhere. They cannot make the male-dominated companies any money, and that is an absolute shame.
      Lara has large breasts. The original creators wanted to test how large they could make her breasts as a joke, but never reverted her back to her original self. Males of all ages flocked to the game for her breasts, and that says something.
      Chun- Li, infamous for her thickness in Street Fighter, is sexualized for her hips, thighs, and bottom. While you may be defending her creators’ actions by saying that she is all muscle, so she should look the way she does. However, there is too much attention being drawn to her lower half to be just a coincidence.
      Samus Aran, the original sexualized woman, tried to be viewed as a male character. However, once gamers realized Samus was actually a female, the gaming community began over-sexualizing her. Now everyone just knows her by her breasts, and that decreases her value as a strong female lead. I’m not suggesting that she has any less to offer, but men do not view her as strong because they only believe she is good for one thing.
      Lastly, GLaDOS, the not-so-good strong female character. There are two items that need to be addressed. The first is Why does the villain need to be a female? Is the masculinity so fragile in the male-dominated gaming community that they need to “defeat” the evil woman? Women do not need to be defeated, they need to be encouraged. If anyone who has ever played Portal would know that you, an unidentified male, are a test subject, and GLaDOS is only following protocol. By defeating her, you are technically forcing yourself on to her. She, an unsuspecting woman, is just doing her job, when you, a male, force yourself into her room and hurt her. The second, and last item that needs to be addressed with GLaDOS is that she is a female robot… Why does she need boobs? GLaDOS has a slender, gentle, and shapely figure for a robot. Why are men in the gaming industry now sexualizing robots?
      If you think it is okay to sexualize robots, then you are what is wrong with society.

Brooke Cunningham

Hello! My name is Brook Cunningham, and I am a 24 year old journalist from Vermont. I enjoy playing videogames, and doing anything art related.