Are military combat roles REALLY best suited to men?

Okay, we get it. G.I Jane, the Black Widow, the ‘Aliens’ franchise, Hollywood is brimming with strong, female combat-ready characters ready to dish out some opposite “gender” justice. But in reality, females may be the key to battlefield success to a greater degree than we realize.

The Fog of War: a male disadvantage.

Let us first state the obvious for the sake of the narrow minded: Women can do anything men can. Period. Great, with that out of the way, and the ‘strength’ argument taken care of, lets proceed. We hear all the time of the ‘fog of war’, a mental state in which soldiers experience confusion within a battlefield environment due to the large amount of audio and visual stimuli occurring, and can lead to friendly fire mistakes and miscommunication. There is a hidden solution to just a thing: The Female Brain. As females, we are able to process much more audio and visual information as men, and as a result, are able to take that information and act upon it with a clearer, more ready mind. You don’t need a degree in psychology to know that would remedy many of the above mentioned problems males have in battle, who have enough trouble finding things in cupboards that are right in front of their face, let alone their own bullets in a shootout!

It is often said that leadership wins wars, who better then to lead the pack but the leader of the house?!

Females have a long history of great leadership, and had it not been for the sexist majority of bigoted voters afraid of their male privilege being removed, the U.S would have seen its first female President since its formation (We’ll get them next time!). As natural leaders, analytical minded females are the ideal option for commissioned officers to lead women and men (if they can keep up) in barracks and battle, with a recent study showing that on average 72% of military intelligence corps consist of female operators.

We all know that women’s true potential has been suppressed for years by male fragility, it is time for strong women to finish the wars weak men started, and to hold accountable those who say otherwise as perpetrators of sexism! So in conclusion, I’m afraid I must retract my previous statement and replace it with one far more suitable and factual: Women can do anything men can do, and better.


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Hailey Altmigi

Lifetime Asian, long time feminist. I believe in righting the cultural wrongs with western society by promoting awareness through activism and education, to eradicate toxic, social constructs for the benefit of the oppressed and slight of voice. I identify as non-binary, and politically I have a communist leaning world view. I've achieved a bachelor's degree in journalism and sociology.