Attaining biking speed and agility requires the right equipment. The road bike–a bike that is optimized for speed–delivers each component in construction required for fast biking.

What Makes Road Bikes Unique?

Cyclists around the world who compete in cycling events or simply prefer slender construction prefer road bikes. The road bike is designed to reach higher speeds and offers a unique construction that eliminates unnecessary components.

The road bike’s frame is lightweight and provides the rider with a high level of aerodynamic ability. The lighter the frame, the faster a rider can go and the more expensive the bike.

The wheels are typically very thin when compared to other bikes, such as mountain bikes. For example, many road bikes sport tires that are smaller than 32 mm wide. The tires are designed to limit impact with the road and provide the least amount of resistance. In addition, the tires usually have very little tread. In comparison, mountain bikes offer thicker tread designed to grab the surface and make navigation in difficult terrain easier.

The bike’s handlebars are also unique; they are configured to provide comfort over a longer stretch.

Affordable Road Bikes In Melbourne

How to Choose Quality Road Bikes

Choosing an appropriate bike requires that you conduct several tests for comfort, speed and agility. First and foremost, your bike should support your frame and provide a comfortable riding experience, although road bikes sacrifice some comfort for speed. For example, the small amount of tread on the tires will cause you to feel any variations in the road. Despite this, you can test other areas to ensure optimal riding comfort.

First, make sure the bike fits your height. Do not simply rely on bike measurement charts. You should stand over the bike to ensure an inch clearance from the frame.

Second, adjust your seat to make sure your height and leg length do not overwhelm the frame. You should find sitting on the bike and reaching the pedals a simple and comfortable process. Furthermore, how well your feet reach the pedals will determine how fast you can go.

Last, check the handlebars to ensure the length of your arms work well with the bike’s structure and handlebar position. Keep in mind that oftentimes, you will want to hunch over, arching your back, to obtain optimal speed.

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