A revolutionary fitness and diet plan is created by Autumn Calabrese that you would love to follow in only twenty one days. It involves the scheduled food consumption and the great body exercise in 30 minutes per session that helps you to lose 15 pounds. The body exercise requires you to follow the guides in three weeks to achieve the goal.

What is inside the 21 Day Fix Diet Plan?

It needs your commitment to control your food consumption with the following instructions and using the well-designed food containers for a healthy diet. The instructions itself is so simple. You need to know your daily nutrition consumption and allowance.

If you want to have an accurate calculation of your daily consumption of carbohydrate, protein, fats, fruit, and vegetable, you have to consult with your health or nutrition specialist because it varies depending on your age, your height and weight, and your goal in this diet. Especially for you who have a certain health problem, you should consult with your doctor before following the diet instruction.

After knowing your daily nutrition consumption, you can fill the 21 day fix containers with carbohydrates for yellow container, protein for red one, fats for blue one, fruits for purple one, and vegetable for green one. There are some additional containers that you can fill up with oils and seed (orange container), tablespoon for fats, one protein shake bottle, and some easy recipes.

A Revolutionary Fitness and Diet Plan In 21 Days

What can you expect from the Diet Plan?

The diet plan shows you how to manage your food consumption with a reasonable moderation. You can see that you can achieve a great body shape without too much of thinking about how you can suppress your cravings. You can see how you can get a healthy habit on eating not only in 21 day fix, but also many years to come. Of course, it requires you to set the healthy eating habit in routine. The well-designed containers, the recipe, and the food scheduling are the important keys on the diet plan that help you to get rid of your unwanted weight.

What about the Fitness Program?

You will face seven basic fitness programs that are Total Body Cardio Fix, Dirty 30 workout, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix. These basic programs require your commitment to get it done in a routine and repeated in three weeks. You can check out the DVDs that come along with the 21 day fix package. For your own benefits, you will get the fitness equipments that are resistance bands and dumbbells plus the ultimate flat abs fix and bare legs fitness instructions.

You may get overwhelmed seeing that you are facing a perfect combination of fitness program that workout your total body, from upper to bottom. Still, you need a trainer to assist you with this program even though you can do some simple fitness programs that you can get with 3 Day quick fix during your busy days.

What is your expectation of the Fitness Program?

With doing it in a routine, you can expect quick results according to your condition. You have to review the program weekly so you can determine the next step in the program more efficiently whether you need the 3 Day Quick program or not. It works well for you, moms and girls, who want to have a better body shape. It also works well for you who love to be in shape with exercise and want to get a better exercise result. So, wish you the best with this revolutionary fitness and diet program!