DDE, Pondicherry University is an online business school. It is a higher education division and twelve years old learning institution in India.DDE, Pondicherry University provides graduation as well as post graduation programs for the working professionals of India.DDE, Pondicherry Universitywas established in 2008and a large numberof students have already enrolled for different types of programs like PGDM, B Tech as well as MBA. It is committed as well as focused to provide proper education to the working professionals especially to those students who are in between 25- 40 years old. This organization also worksfor Global MNCs. This institution offers a large number of courses like PGDM, PGDM executive, online BBA as well as online MBA with the collaboration of  2 eminent Indian institutions named VIZ Ghaiabad, CDL as well as Bharathidasan University.DDE, Pondicherry Universityprovides live online-sessions with the assistance of AVC which stands for DDE, Pondicherry University Virtual campus. AVC runs on the ISO 9001-2000 CLMS and also offers the opportunity of getting an access to their online school through students’ personal computers.

DDE, Pondicherry University Specializations:

DDE, Pondicherry University offers MBA courses in severalfields Like MBA in Human resource, Information technology, sales and marketing, operations management, infrastructures management, Health care management as well as media and entertainment. All those programs are affiliated to the Bharathidasan University which was established in 1982. It is one of the top Ten Universities of India. It has a large campus of 1000 acres. This university has four faculties, thirty four departments as well as eleven Research Centers. The CDE of this university was approved by Joint committee comprised of ALCTE-DEC-UGC. This University has got rating from NAAC. The AUCC has alreadysigned agreement with the DDE, Pondicherry UniversitySchool in order to launch the online learning program from January of 2013.

DDE, Pondicherry Universityis also offering APGDM programs in different sectors like APGDM in marketing, Human resources management, operational management, Finance etc. Those programs are affiliated to the IMT which stands for Institute of management technology.

Academic partners of DDE, Pondicherry University include IMT (Institute of management technology), JWMI (jack Welch management institution), Thapar University, HBP (Harvard Business Publishing), PMI (Project management Institute) as well as IGNOU.

Does distance MBA course really helps you get an MBA while Working:

DDE, Pondicherry University has pioneered globally-benchmarked cloud based on the collaboration ETP with the uninterrupted as well as reliable services as well as solutions to working professionals. Their aim is to take care of the learners as well as providing them with a credible and helpful education platform.This organization has expert, eminent as well as experienced faculty members. A large number of learning as well as teaching techniques are attributed in order to impart skills as well as knowledge to the students of all departments.As a result, working professionals are getting the opportunity of gathering knowledge as well as developing their interpersonal skill. Distance MBAcourses like.Distance MBA in Marketing are also organized in the specified manner so that students do not face any complexities while they are running faster for developing their career.