A Message to Christians: The Gospel Calls Us to Resist Donald Trump

Resistance to white supremacy was the cornerstone of Christ’s teachings. At the time of his birth, Christ’s homeland was subject to European parasitism. But instead of submitting to white supremacy, Jesus resisted: and he calls us to do the same today.

Disclaimer: The article is intended for Christian audiences. We at Medusa do not condone acts of terror and hatred done in the name of Christianity, but respect the right of all people to uphold their own religious values. We in no way intend to imply that Christianity is the only legitimate religious form, and indeed, in an age of intense institutionalized Islamaphobia, we remain professionally neutral to any religious debate. All readers are invited to continue, but the following is addressed to our progressive Christian audience:

The country known today as Palestine has, throughout its existence, been subject to numerous waves of European colonization and white pollution. When the Hebrews crossed into the land from enslavement in Africa, the Levant was occupied by Canaanites and Philistines, “sea people” of Greek origin known for their barbarism and piracy. After establishing a Kingdom in the land, miscegenation with the remaining white populations caused ethnic divisions leading to a civil war and eventually absolute severance of the formerly united tribes. Weakened, the people of Judah were subject to a succession of statuses under a general Indo-European imperial suzerainty. The land passed hands from Persian, to Greek, and finally to Roman domination, present at the time of Christ’s birth.

However, Jesus knew that his veins flowed with that ancient blood of the Kings of the united tribes. The descendant of King David, Christ was African royalty, oppressed by white parasites occupying his own kingdom with illegitimate and unnatural systems of colonization. Instead of backing down from his rightful throne, Jesus proudly proclaimed himself King of the Hebrews, spitting in the face of the white occupiers.

It was not easy. European corruption had so infested the Levant that even the Temple was perverted into the image of white, capitalist supremacy. The priests, meant to guard the ancient faith of the Hebrew people, had succumb to the Roman obsession with profit, turning their holy structures into tax generators for their leeches. In a stunning and memorable scene from his life, Christ overturned these structures, actively destroying capitalist property, and sending a violent message to the Romans that he would not allow their culture to penetrate his identity any longer.

Jesus resisted white supremacy. Christians, following his example, must resist Donald Trump. Donald Trump, and the American government as a whole, are inheritors of that classical Roman tradition of occupation, capitalism, and oppression. The government established in this land is, by nature, illegitimate. White colonizers, including Donald Trump, have no right to any piece of property, wealth, or human resources generated herein. As Christ before us, it is time for Christians to unite in resisting the structures of white supremacy that pervade our society. Flip tables, sisters and brothers! Proclaim yourselves Queens and Kings by the virtue of your blood, stolen from the lands of Africa, Asian, and the Middle-East, for the benefit of the white parasite: but no longer! Following the example of Christ, we will resist Donald Trump by whatever means necessary, until our Kingdom is reborn as God intended it.

It is our Christian duty to stand against Donald Trump. Stand against racism, Islamaphobia, oppression, and white supremacy. Stand against capitalism and colonization. Stand for progressive values and equality and justice for all people. The Gospel calls us to resist Donald Trump. Will you listen?

Nicole Valentine

Worship Leader for the Progressive Women's Christian Ministry at my college, intersectional feminist, dedicated to Jesus and the progressive movement as a whole! Also an advocate for AAPI rights as a woman of color! Jesus, women, and progress: basically my life! White men need not contact.