A girl of 14 years of age was found dead inside a house in the Manchester where a group of five dogs were supposed to be out of control and aggressive as reported by the police. Jade Lomas-Anderson is supposed to have been visiting the all the properties in Atherton, Wigan, where the girl was found lonely along with injuries which were consistent with her having been assaulted by those dogs.

Police were immediately called up to the exact location very shortly nearly around 2pm on Tuesday. The Police reported that a pack of 5 dogs was aggressive and became out of control for which a girl has been seen to be unconscious. Armed police managed to destroy four of those dogs and furthermore captured the fifth one. Officers along with a rapid response vehicle as well as an ambulance came to the house but unfortunately, the girl was declared as dead by that time. Police confirmed that they gently killed four of those dogs, whose residuals will now be tested as a part of this investigation.

A 14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In House With 5 Aggressive DogsHowever, the breed of all these dogs has still not been confirmed although two are predicted to have been a bull mastiff and the other two as Staffordshire bull terriers. Police Superintendent, Mark Kenny stated that it was very much early to conjecture about what had actually occurred. First and foremost, in this situation, everyone’s thoughts are concerning with the family of that girl that has unfortunately lost her life.

The Police superintendent also stated that he will understand that this was an awfully distressing incident on behalf of all concerned, counting the community as well, and the police department will work their very best to establish the entire circumstances, which led to this kind of a tragedy.

The superintendent further stated that a noteworthy presence of the police might remain in that region throughout the afternoon as well as in the evening. Moreover, the department will be present there to accomplish an investigation and indicate any anxieties that a resident may have.

This incident is very much likely to reignite a debate concerning the control of a potentially dangerous dog. A four year old John Paul Massey had been also killed by the violent family pet dog at a residence somewhere in Liverpool in the year 2009. In the month November, the previous year, a week old boy lost his life after being bitten by his own family’s pet dog.

In the month of February this year, the MPs stalwartly criticized the government for the inaction over the dogs’ attacks as well as the poor animal welfare. A cross party committee of MPs stated that the current laws widely failed to undertake the irresponsible dog possession.

The Tory MP known as Anne McIntosh that places a select board stated that the home-office loom in order to tackle the disruptive behavior is very much unrefined as well as fails towards revealing an impact, which a deprived breeding or training by the irresponsible owners may have over a dog’s behavior.