A branding tool is a marketing device that can spread the message about your business in your local community or around the world. The right branding tools can propel your business to greater heights and have an immediate impact on your target audience. Have you used branding tools to promote your business? If yes, how successful were they for your business?

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This article features some must-have branding tools you should use to highlight your brand.

1. Logo:

Among the first things you must have while promoting your business is a quality logo. The design must be easy to understand and totally represent your brand. Spend time and effort to create a truly creative logo for your business.

2. Business Cards:

Don’t listen to anybody who tells you that business cards have gone out of fashion. They can still serve as effective ambassadors of your brand. Most clients use business card cases to store important cards. Whenever they need your services, your cards will let them know how you can be reached.

3. Brochures:

A brochure is an effective tool that can highlight your services at a glance. Get creative and design a visually appealing brochure that will explain your services convincingly to your target audience.

4. Website:

Almost every company has a website that can showcase their potential to the online world. With millions of people logging on to the Internet every day, a website stands to gain from significant publicity. If a person wants to get in touch with you, all he has to do is perform a search for your business.

5. Social Media:

It makes sense to create profiles for your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Focus on growing the number of fans/followers for your page and engage with them in friendly banter to highlight your brand.

6. Videos:

Nothing beats the impact of having a video explain your business. Get a professional to shoot a video on the products you offer and share it on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

7. Community/awareness events:

Join a local cause and lend it your financial might. This could be a campaign against breast cancer or a campaign for the homeless.

8. Promotional products:

Get your logo imprinted on handy promotional giveaways such as pens, stress relievers, apparel, bags or calendars. People love receiving freebies and they will appreciate your gifts.

9. Pinterest:

A majority of companies in the business world has already made their presence felt on Pinterest. You should join the bandwagon as well and get used to having Pinterest as a springboard for further marketing success!

How many of the branding tools mentioned above have you used to highlight your brand? If you have not used any of the tools mentioned above, then you should consider using them based on your branding needs. All the best!

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